[Quote] haha u can use ur $150 on headphones.. and i'll just use my ipod headphones with the $150 for kicks

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doesn't know how to spell "punany" (punani) but seems like a cool dude that i could smoke a fat blunt with smokeyface

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lupe fiasco interview here is some visual education for all u lupe fans new lupe interview with karmaloop http://www.karmaloop.com/tv/index.html theres some other good ones to like little brother, talib kweli and lrg

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haha.. sucks for u guys, u guys gotta pay tax for buying online shit to.. fcuked up

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a dude with cash will win over a girls pussy then a dude with muscles anyday

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[Quote] word.. i even seen girls bring their kids to school sometimes to

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[Quote] hahaha no joke

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godamn thats alot of work

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i never would of thought they would be on a commercial though.. they doin good for themselves

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just saw this commercial on tv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bXXxx1HeWk watch it until u get to the middle part, then ull see some hypebeasts

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i always have high anxiety attacks while going to these events because im afraid niggz will accidentally step on my kicks.. thats why i always look down haha

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i love highs.. if i wore them with jeans i let the tongue stick out and fold them once.. same as the above posts if i wear lows i usually wear shorts cuz my jeans will sometimes drag on the ground a little bit

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womens got some of the best colorways

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i just called customer service and they are all brain dead, they are in india, like so many other companies, cheap is good once they have your money. once u buy, you now leave your fate in the hands of idiots. you try calling and get a whole group of customer service reps who know nothing, they only know they are there to help you, but the problem is, they know not how. "first try this, then that, then let me check with punjab, he don't know, but i will check again." Three hours later, you know less than you did before. You don't even remember why you called.

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i actually tried to register for the fourms and it gave me one of these errors: "You must supply a valid email address. Please do not use an AOL/AIM/Netscape email address - your activation link will NOT arrive! Your account will not be functional otherwise." problem is that i entered in a yahoo email address................

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