looking for a ps3 (any model) and gta 5, have a ton of stuff for trade and cash. message me how much you want for it and what your clothing/shoe size is and lets get shit done

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sup, have some classic heat to unload over the next few weeks as I have sadly outgrown my entire sneaker collection. First up are some classic SB's - great quality materials before SB turned into BS. -Located in NYC -Paypal or Cash -TRADES: Clothes SZ L, Shoes Sz 11, Hats. Also willing to trade towards high end stereo/DJ equipment & Bike Parts. please send me pics of what youre offering, no idea what stuff is called nowadays. -Feel free to ask for more pics, just throwing these up for initial interest [Image] thanks for looking, hit me up with questions and keep an eye out for the rest of my kicks coming soon (dozens of old SBs, supreme and w)taps vans, HEAT from before 2009)

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i know, i'm a scrub...got caught up in some bullshit and have to do 20 hours of community service in the next 2 weeks for my school. i put it off to the last minute and now i have my birthday and finals coming up so im not really trying to do this shit... if anyone in LI or NYC is involved in sandy relief orgs or other NPOs and can help me get out of this i'll throw you some $$$, all you would have to do is submit a short statement on your company's letterhead, sign a sheet and possibly talk to this old wrinkled bitch for 30 seconds holler :|

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dear hypebeast, so i smashed my first black hoe and it was [surprisingly] the best pussay i've had. now that i've hit 4 of the major poon categories (in order from dankest to stankest: black > asian > white > spanish) it got me thinkin and shit... whats the best cooter you've had? worst? reasons/stories/anything pussy related is encouraged lovealways solezie<3

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-paypal only -meetups in ny -prices are shipped -trades? im looking for (sz 8.5-10) jordans, dunk hi's, vans, visvims, supreme sz medium, iphone 3gs - but i won't ship first. -all prices are OBO - i'm willing to negotiate for some shoes but don't lowball. also, mods - sorry the pics are a few weeks outdated, my camera has been fucked up and i couldn't get them uploaded until now. if this isn't ok DON'T DELETE THE THREAD, just let me know and i'll take a group shot of them with a newer tag or whatever. sz 8 blue visvim shakers. bought from rich, worn twice by me. still a ton of life left. [Image]

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-located in NYC -prices are pretty firm but i'll cut deals if you buy multiples. -trades accepted - looking for any jeans size 28, shoes size 9, hats 7 1/8 - whatever really -paypal or cash only -shipping is $5 within the US, free if you buy $20+ -outside the US? contact me all are size small and most are well worn: $10 [Image] let me know, we'll work something out

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-paypal and concealed cash (at your own risk) only -prices are shipped and paypalled -meetups? i'm in NYC - can meet downtown or in queens at my own discretion. -no holds, don't waste my time -trades? i like airmax, visvims, older dunks sizes 8.5-9.5 - no wack shit or recent SB's, please. -all prices OBO - will consider offers but please don't insult. [Image] don't hesitate to ask for more pictures or hit me up via PM!

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new threaddddddddd

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paypal only trades: size 9 shoez all prices OBO all shirts are worn - don't expect brand new shirts, alot of them show signs of wear would prefer not to break up sets, but make GOOD offers for single shirts and i'll consider... all shirts size small. 10 deep set: knucks up allover print in white and teal and cross tee. teal knucks up worn once never washed, other two have been worn and washed dozens of time and show signs of wear (dirty collars, small stains, etc). $30 shipped for all 3 [Image]

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any condition, can pay with paypal want any color highs and red/black blazers will pay $400+ for highs and $300+ for blazers. PM me, thanks.

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