Some singers/producers I like are Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Nujabes, Gang Starr, etc but its not enough! Whenever I'm just hanging out, there's always some song that I hear somewhere that sounds catchy and I always try to remember the lyrics (and instrumentals are hard to find) so I can google it when I get home and snag that song. Is there like a forum for a list of great songs that aren't commonly heard?

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I have a dozen friends who are only like 17-22 and they already have kids and/or are already pregnant. On top of that, many more that I do not know. They're struggling getting through college and working at a minimum wage job. They fight a lot with their significant other because he spends his money on games and chicken. She's buying most of the food for the baby and rarely any left for herself. Lol these people deserve the struggles. Try keeping your panties in on your next lifetime! AH HEEEE HEEEE HEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Well at least thats how Michael Jackson laughed.

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Two scenario's: A short term relationship (first few dates) and a long term relationship (been dating for awhile). IMO: Short-term/First few dates; pay for her lunch/drink and get to know her better. I believe that you wouldn't portray your image of being a gentleman if you make her pay for herself the first few times. Long term relationship; she should pay for her self or split the bill between you two. Because in the long run, you'll know that you're going to break up with her pretty soon and you just wasted 10K on her ass.

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Ugly without make-up that is.

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Or vice versa?

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I'm just warning all of you guys out there that don't know about this yet. Basically you have a recruiter that goes around (mainly wears a suit) and asks if you're looking for a job. He tells you that you can earn LOTS of money and be a millionaire. Hell even double your money. They invite you to one of their meets and ask you to wear a suit. Then there's this long lecture about the product you'll be selling and how much money you can make. There's also going to be a demonstration about this pyramid on how the person on top will make more money off the people below them, so this is your part in recruiting others as well. So what they have you do is deposit a "recruit fee" in order to get in. Then you pay for the items you'll be selling and you sell them back out for a higher price. Usana being one of the popular ones in the bay area. In the long run, you aren't getting any real money at all. My friend told me he was going to have a Lambo next week. It's already been 2 years and I haven't seen shit but his crappy Geo. I feel sorry for these people joining these kinds of cult. Kind of like scientology. God bless any one of you that are in this piece of shit. Get out while you can.

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I was wondering if anyone here uses Fruity Loops and make beats on their spare time? I just started using this again (FL 9 XXL pirated edition baby) and I wanted to know if there are others as well. I already finished like a decent 30 second beat I made in 1 hour. Where would the best place to download plugins and other cool stuff for FL? Def. the main website isn't the option for those who are not legal registered users.

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Here's a taste of what I like: [URL] Give me more suggestions mon!

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[URL] Wuahahahahahaha.

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A person has the ability to re-arrange the stores "theme"? As in moving around clothes, putting up new wallpapers, etc. Giving the store a new look basically.

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Seriously, ever since my little brother (16) came back from a camping trip a few weeks ago, he's been wanting me to buy something for him at the store. I kept on saying no and for him to buy whatever he's getting with his own money.. wtf he works too! What does he need me for? Today he goes in my room and flashes a $100 bill and tells me "buy it and keep the change." So I ask him what it was and he told me "I'm addicted to smoking and I need cigarettes." I was outraged but kept my cool and told him no. He was really begging and being desperate too, but I'm just doing my job as an older brother and as a good friend. I hope he grows out of that addiction. It's just shocking to me when my little brother at 16 told me that straight up to me.. he's a good student and I never expected that from him. Anyone else that can relate to a similar experience?

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Napped from 3-6pm. Want to be asleep by 9pm Tips?

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