This has been confirmed to be false.. He was wearing some jap sneakers when spotted, nothing like the McFly's..

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i went on the 25th and they had some cunt shirts.. box crewnecks... those polo knockoff hoodies... new world order tee (i think).. a couple of box caps... phase shirts... and a few tysons tees left.... yeah i WAS joking about the tyson tee's..

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just when i was about to start typing.... Victorious Vic did the work for me... i commend you

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sure why not... missionary or doggy?

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hit up Rival. and yeah L&D is mainstream now

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really appreciate these pictures, i hope to see that sweatshopesque full of supremes.. and if anybody wants to let these go juss pm me

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1st colorway is nice.. but i hope nike retroes these with mesh and mesh only..

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funny thing is that these will probably reach the same price of the 99' retroes with the same colorway...

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"Who's nigo?" "I liked bakin's before the hype!" "Dunks are overrated" and the infamous.. "I've never been to soho.........this week" (ny residents)

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Fighting and cursing for some textiles.. damn its so cliche now.. good thing i stayed home.... haha @im broke's sheep though...truuuueee

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eyo no need to catch feelings... anyway too bad they werent your size .. coulda been a deal

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.. . .hahah " we found the factory"... . . ..well time for pink, orange, purple, magenta, indian red, and rocky road brown chain hoodies to hit ebay at a 50$ bin. ..

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im guessing the store had red invisible air forces as well....

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ight ya dropped your opinions but im looking for info..

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