[Quote] Jim would make sense as the boss, but it wouldn't fit his character. I mean he's supposed to be Mr. Not Living Up To His Potential. Plus if he was boss he couldnt prank Dwight, which is a big component of the show. Story wise he makes more $ as a salesman with commissions (why he stepped down from co-regional manager).

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Gay dudes don't need haircuts. Their hair just morphs on its own. I think it has something to do with the buttsecks, however there's not enough data to confirm.

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Wake up. Bake up. Fap fap fap.

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[Quote] Third"ed. Seen that exact varsity in Chinatown. Might wanna legit check those J's while ur at it.

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I kind of get this. There was this teacher I had who was pregnant. And well, when she got pregnant I definitely was more attracted to her than when she wasn't. She was so much nicer and sweeter pregnant. I guess she was getting ready to be in mom mode. And like she was real cute to begin with but pregnant version was even more so. And sometimes shed ask me to help her like carry shit and stuff like that bc she was having a tuff time getting around. I thought I was attracted to the fact that she was like this cute girl that needed me to take care of her. But I guess I really just wanted to fuck her baby.

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[Quote] Exactly. I wonder what's that's like to have a country of ppl brainwashed to love and respect u like that. It's celebreties with fans x 1000000

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I wonder what kind of bitches Luke Walton pulls in. Nah, it'd prob just piss me off.

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^ that shit is crazy. This might be a little fucked up, but it must be awesome to be that loved. I mean if I died, maybe three people would cry that hard for me: my mom, my girl, and maybe my sister. These are ppl that never even met the dude crying like that. I saw video clips of Kim Il Sungs death, and there were soldiers in full uniform bawling their eyes out. I read some ppl even committed suicide upon hearing of KIS death.

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I thought raas al ghul was gonna be the mastermind.

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got her an ipad

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hey who deleted my posts? for real though, since when did this thread become a marketplace for SS accounts?!

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classic soundtrack [Image]

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Real niggas think a thesaurus is a dinosaur.

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Real niggas don't use a screen protector or a case for their iPhones. Real niggas don't put sugar in their caramel macchiatos.

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I'm down with this game. But only because it's not really part of the MGS cannon. Someone mentioned this earlier, but this is NOT a metal gear SOLID game (the thread title is misleading). It started as MGS Rising, but then kojima handed it over to Platinum games and they revamped what they were gonna do. I appreciate that they took out the word "solid" from the title to differentiate this one from the rest as the gameplay and direction is completely different. I like hack and slash. I like the metal gear characters and designs. So I'll prob like this.

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