"on his way back home to Los Angeles where he will finish high school before launching the next phase of his widely anticipated rap career—under the wizened guidance of Leila Steinberg, artistic mentor who famously first guided music and screen icon, Tupac Shakur."

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I'll take offers on these. I really don't know what they should go for. PM will work but Email is best. jkassem at the google mail service. I've also got a 7 3/4 DEAD STOCK Supreme / new era Cashmere Box Logo fitted in red on red. Its still got the tags, was 74$ originally. Here is an album in case the pics dont show up for you: http://imgur.com/a/dDjMC [Image]

Started by DertbagxBerman OF Tie Dye 2XL + Supreme Olive Camp Cap from Zebra collection, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

how about 23 shipped for the HUF plant life 5 panel? Email me please, jkassem AT gmail

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I gotta get a grindtainer. PM me your paypal address.

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First up is a very buttery CASHMERE supreme box logo fitted size 7 3/4 Has tag but not in picture. No sticker bc I didn't want it to ruin the fabric and that shit is lame if you keep it on anyways. Front [URL] Now onto what I want. I'd really like to trade these for just camp caps and supreme accessories. I will sell them for the right price though. I've got lots of feedback on other sites. SC, Sports card forum, Ebay (jk86no1). I'm legit. Paypal or cash only if you end up buying. PM me

Started by New Red Supreme Cashmere w/ tag and Blue Side Logo w/o tag, 2 Weeks ago in Other Goods

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i need to buy this game. Why havent I? I think bc i bought fable 3 on release and still havent started that. Christ, i'm behind.

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people still use PS2?

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my macbook has been pissing me off lately. Would stutter every 10 minutes or so on youtube and shit. Not a big deal but was driving me crazy cause it just shouldnt do that. Ended up deleting and reinstalling macosx. clean install ftw.

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that is disgusting

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very nice.. haha.

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i'm looking for new shoes for the summer... my shit is all old and busted now. I'm that ♥♥♥♥♥.

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I've got a supreme 23rd and a hundreds jon 1st pack. Love them both.

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hey i'll take the black and white diamond hat.. PM me your paypal address.

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can anyone find the teal LV penelope sunglasses in stock anywhere? I would love some help blushing

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hey what was the name of that supreme backpack that was on the right? I really like that one and have never seen it. Could you PM me?

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