LB convention center. Runs friday through sunday. And yes, it's the companies u would buy blanks from, inks, machines, etc...

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What up! Just trying to see if any of the HB members attending ISS ( Imprinted Sportswear Show ) this weekend in Long Beach. If not, you outta try and make it. This show always seems to amaza me with all the new ish that's coming out. You get to see all kinds of products in action from automatic presses to embroidery machines to DTG machines, etc. You also get to know the companies you deal with in regards to blanks, tags, buttons, textiles, etc. Anyways, thought I'd let y'all know, I'm sure if you dont have a badge by now, you can still cop it at the show and I think it's like $25 now...not sure. We'll be there, we are actually trying to cop a 6 color 6 station press and meet up with the folks we deal with...

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MAGIC is my next step...

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I'm definetely looking into this. I think I'm at a point now with my brand "FRESHNES" where I can make it happen. Hopefully, in the very near future you will see my brand up there...The fees seem relative plus the hits they are getting on their site is crazy, just check and see for yourself...maybe after I'm in, I can shed some light on the experience.

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I know I have it, cant remember it....check

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