Just Wondering how much is the average price for hemming and tapering?

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Since I cant find any Blue Scholars links ?) someone hook it up? edit: FUCK LOL I PUT THINKS INSTEAD OF LINKS =[ mods if you can change the name!

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since the season is about to start. this off season was alright i guess. biggest impact i think is gonna be farve and jared allen. others like hall and samuel we will have to see. i know i missed others, so lets discuss !

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post up your missed memories as a child. well, i miss old nickelodean tv shows like hey arnold, rockos modern life, kenan and kel, all that, ahh real monstars, rugrats. when in elementry school, everybody wore heelys, and it got to a point where they were banned from school. when everyday at recess there was a fight everyday playing football, they canceled that too. well im sure theres more. tongueface

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Just copped my first pair in the mail blushing wanted to see how diffrent ppl rock them and ill definately post up a pic soon

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Do you think that corey maggette is going to move on or stay, with the edition of baron davis. Elton Brand in Philly, fresh or not?

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i dont know if it applys to denim, but yeah

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bought some a month ago and havent washed them? tips?

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where to find? lol got a giftcard from my auntie

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