anyone heading out to MOD this year?

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ok so this whole hype on the swine flu is ridiculous... i mean i honestly didnt care about it until i read this... part of it tells me not to worry or that its bs... but another part tells me what if we experience some left 4 dead shxt? blinkyeyes?)blinkyeyes?) [URL]

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Yeah im looking for any Huf fitteds in 7 3/8 im really after any of the hufquake series not looking to spend any more than 50 but doesnt matter open to any price pm me blushing Thanks!

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whats a decent 35mm slr for a good price?

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okay so i have a paypal and transfered money from my bank into my paypal yesterday. And today my mom changed my bank acnt again so will the money still go through or do i have to redo the transfer with the new acnt?

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this sounds kinda shady and stupid but i was wondering if you guys know any sites that sell fake PL purple avengers... the only reason why i want to get these is cause some kid at school said he would buy em off me for 120 ( he is aware that they are fake ) i just need some purple kicks for hc... so i told him ill sell it after hc

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hahaha well hmm homecoming is coming up my date chose purple and i need some grapes X____X i know i wont find any for 2 bills soo any one live in OC that has an unds'ed pair in 9.5? or 10? ill pay you guys 50 bucks to borrow em for a weekend lol and if i get any scuffs ill pay for that ish too i know it sounds desperate but hey they look sexy!!!!

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Happy 21st my fellow bebot brotha

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LOL well happy birthday 15 year old bebot boy blushing

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lets see i just recently got out of a 3 yr relationship and lets just say 5 hours after we broke up she was kissing another dude... i know i should just get over her and meet someone else but its hard you know... 3 yrs and all but anyway im talking to two other girls one is cute and she really makes me happy cuz she is chill but on the downside she is real flirty and i cant tell if she means it or just messing with me... and the next girl shes hella cute but then she isnt really someone you could trust being with... what would you guys do?

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i dont know if you guys seen this yet but when you see its going to make you want to play halo blinkyeyes [URL]

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haha well just saying im leaving hb I enjoyed my time and ill be back eventually but for now im gone just too many things changed.... but the HB fam bam make this place the best of all forums >smh FAM BAM -URBANSOLE (haha big my bad) -Trob (beyond) BEBOT BROTHERS HAHAHA -Filipinoy -KT -Vicious -T.B.E.L BANNED NIG -DAT >smh and all the rest of you guys on the off topic haha good times.... soo take care guys ill be back blushing and matt calm down on the fap fap >smh

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im just real bored and i know this is wrong section just want to play some hb fam bam

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where can i get a bulk order of some legit shit!?!?!?

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what do you guys play and whats your tags so we could all play blushing mine is evonite921

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