Hello, Just curious if anyone know how Common Project's shoes fit?? I'm mostly interested in their new Desert boots but don't know what size to get. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx.

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vans in LV? Does anyone know any good spots to get Vans in Las Vegas...specifically Vans vault or syndicate??

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Does anyone know if the Marc Jacobs Vans, specifically the slip ons run small or large? The reason being is I am a mens 9.5(perfect fit) and since they only come in full sizes I'm not sure if I should go with a 9 or 10?? Any help would be great, thanks!

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Do those only come in full sizes??? And if so, can anyone recomended sizing up or down if your standard vans size is 9.5???

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Does anyone know of any schools in Canada that offer shoe making or shoe design courses??

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Hello, Im making a trip to Vancouver next week and was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find some Vans era's or authentic's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THX

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Does anyone have any info on if the the Bobbito force 1's or the New York city series forces will be hitting the shelfs anywhere....Goodfoot?? FL?? Any info would be appreciated.

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KICKSHI....enough said.

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beware Yo man BEWARE of that store! 100%Legit sell's 100% FAKE shit....they do have BAPE/BBC and bapesta's and 10 deep but Im almost positive its ALLLLL Fake. Just cop your BBC gear from Goodfoot, its pricey, but REAL. Do rock fake shitblushing

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I lined up in Calgary for them at 4am and still didn't get a pair, there was dudes there from the day before and Gdft only had 9 pairs(whack sizes) and 3 shirts. Get there really early if you want them becuse I'm sure that Van will have more heads than here. PS- my personal opinion is these shoes look much worse in real life.

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Iv been told by Goodfoot employee's that they are aiming for a release by the end of the month. Nov 20th was a date that poped up for the grand opening.

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for real? I hope your joking....clearly those are FAKE. The real ones will be as you hoped.

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Those bastards YUP, ITS OFFICIAL! SNEAKERPIMPS VAN-CITY IS OFFICIAL PUSHED BACK UNTIL DECEMBER 1ST. Personally Iam pissed off because I already have a flight and hotel booked for it...Im sure im not the only one getting screwed here either. Damn you sneakerpimps.tongueface

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fake... Guarenteeeeeeed Fake! One the brigthside at least you didnt get taken for more money though...right? Iv seen fakes go for upwards of 3 bills. F.Y.I. I can almost 100% guarentee that any supremes that go for under $500 are fugazi's.

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Karma Sutra Yo check out Kama Sutra for Adult entertainment...pretty classy joint. And Champs/Footlocker MAY have the Nash 90's?? Check this as well...http://www.montrealmirror.com/2006/051106/bom06_5.html

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