This thread is a place for you guys to ask the people how much they were and how much they are now. example : Nike SB "What the Dunk" before:$400 now:$1000

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I was wondering if you guys could help me take off the dirt in my SB's.

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Have you ever wanted to be part of a nation? Well here is a fan page that would help you get updated in the latest news of the hottest kicks. Join Sneaker Nation! The #1 site for the newest kicks in the block. !!SNEAKER NATION!! Coming up with the latest reviews and the hottest samples in the shoe game. Nothing would be better than visiting your facebook and checking the latest updates about shoes worldwide. Updated weekly. Focusing on: Supra Vans Nike SB Nike Air (DUNKS) Just request and we will try to give you updates on the shoe of your choice blushing ---------------------------- If you are interested about being a moderator then you should PM me.

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Post pictures of yourself.

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The best I have seen are the Jeremy Scott Wings my friend was rocking in our class party.

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I was going through my Facebook account and I noticed my friends status which said they were 19 dollars a pair. If you don't believe this my friend called and they said it was true.

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