hi....anybody lives in PARIS? i wonder how much does a wallet cost, thx

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anybody got them in the forum? just wonder....coz i m using that not much funtion but great looking phone blushing

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do anyone know wt is NBHD? is kinda unpopular rite? thats my favour brand for jeans the details n everything is great.....if u ignore the price...is just insane here is some pic of wt i got... [Image]

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[Image] Just got back and it looks like Christmas on my desk! Mad packages and mail to go thru. GT from Nike sent me these lovely joints. They are the "255" Air Max 90 Exclusives designed by the staff at 255 Elizabeth. Word has it they are limited to only 90 pairs and available exclusively "off the shelf" at 255 Elizabeth St in New York. This bad boy features exclusive infrared patent leather, black buffalo leather and infrared midsole along with a graphic print lining inspired by The Evolution of Air. The 255 Air Max 90 goes public December 2nd at 255 Elizabeth. It's cool cuz there's no need to wait weeks and weeks for these. Buy your size, pay for it and leave wearing em! Just bring your tent, sleeping bag and credit card. (I think they're gonna be around $160.) * copy and paste from jeff staple blog in honyee....

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if they r posted b4 plz tell me, i would delete this thread thank you spotted on provider......very nice material used including osterich, patent, suede, cracked chrome....insole says: er...i dont know its japanese ^^ [Image]

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[Image] (pics from KixFiles) wt do u guys think of it? m thinking if i should cop the green one

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FUCK YAHOO HK AUCTION >smh i fucking hate yahoo hk...coz is used to be free and after they hv made us to pay...there r less stuff on the auction and they just keep making gay rules and trying to make us pay first thing is the payment rules...that made everyone set the price as 1hkd, so if i m looking for sth...i hv to click into every single one to check the price sec thing is they delete our items which we set for 1hkd = =" but the fakes never gets delete stop making pointless rules fuck sake tongueface its only my thoughts~ peace

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anyone know if there r any in hk for retail?? coz my frds want a pair i checked a few shops today but i still havent find it.... thx in advance if any one can help blushing

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they will be released in DECEMBER....stay tone for more updates~ [Image]

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crazy ass sale on next friday [Image]

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here is some more pics of some product from VisvIM and Fragment [Image] pics from honeyee - edison and hf BLOG

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info from the SIZE? nice details on the shoes~ gd shit smokeyface [Image]

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cant read japanese....dont know wts that be i know that is a dunk [Image]

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In support of our film, Adidas has just released a few dozens pairs of Just For Kicks Shelltoes! Get a peek of these dope models below. More details to come soon on how to get your hands on a pair of these babies... quote from [URL] [Image]

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COURT FORCE HI [Image] wt kind of C.F. is that? tiff + stussy c.f low??? some samples from the Sneaker Freaker

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