I have a full green camo shark for sale. Size Large. Brand New. 100% Authentic. If you are interested, let me know and I will send you the link to my for sale threads in either bapetalk2.com or ISS.

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I watched "Sorry, Haters" day before yesterday.

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The 114cm in the chest measurement refers to the circumference of the shirt or sweater. If you want the measurements for only one side, just divide it by 2. Hope this helps.

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itsmedeka, I just sent you a private message with a place where you can buy them in your size.

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Try solebox. They still have them in quite a few sizes left.

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Try this site: [URL]

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I saw them on the atmos page. I think it is atmos-tokyo.com Parts of the page are in japanese characters though.

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I have not ordered from grandism before, but I know from other online retailers, sometimes you have to agree to the terms and conditions before the order goes through. Did you check if there was a box to check or something on the terms and conditions page you were redirected to after filling out your information. It seems rather likely that your order did not go through. I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

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I hope my question is not redundant, but I was under the impression that one wash denim does not bleed, but after reading awwsheeets post, I am a little confused. So do jeans that are one-washed still bleed? Thanks.

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For a brand to call themselves Swagger is great. I really like it.

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