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Supreme Beanies I cant wait till the Supreme drops their classic beanies this year. Every year I collect beanies and by the end of January I ve got only one, my sister have a tendency to leave with them on. When the drop

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The RZA RZA as Bobby Digital

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Average Like all Rick Ross albums there beats will be there and he will have those few good songs that standout. I listened to the mixtape and MC Hammer is a ridiculous track. His Best album to day for me was Trilla. Teflon Don wont be a classic. Regardless of how much he wants to hang with Diddy and think he's Biggie it wont happen end of story.

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yo prime definetly have talent man, looks like u spend some good time in your sketchbook

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Weak Video I will say that this is my favorite trackm definetly now my favorite music video....he had better

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Spring is here I been waiting for that new Award Tour Spring/Summer line ti drop, i know the homie Phil is busy with Mid-terms but give the people a little insight a sneak-peek for whats to come. I know that Cali trip brought out some inspiration. cant wait

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I dont what it is but i think because he is a kid frim the burbs, that makes me wanna listen to him, most of the time its black people in hiphop talkin about the day to day struggle dont get me wrong but that real. its just sometimes you need to see the world for what it is and all the many variable the world has to bring.

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goodbye Goodfoot been to the goodfoot a few times and its really sucks, but the show must go on. Ransom has dont a great job and fillig the void.

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Wu-Massacre the name for me doesnt have the best ring to it, but at the same time I guess they trying to say Wu-Tabd still killin it. I wish Old Dirty was still around, But since he not RIP they have hands down the best Wu memebers if the clan..I hope Maska Killa and GZA make an apperance..should be a solid album.

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Classisc Im going after classics...Im looking to get the NBA legens that never won championships: Barkley, Ewing, Larry Johnson, Shawn Kemp, Karl Malone...thats who Im tarteging this year

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Olddies but goodies Its funny when a wandering mind can find. curiousity killed the cat , but that god im no cat. I found it seems like I was digging through some old vinyl's in broken down milk crates when I came across Lochness better know as Phil Anannd or Mr. Award Tour. ANd spotted his old sketchbook work which made me wanna display my work as well. Stay posted

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