What brand/model of watches do you fellas wear? Trying to step my watch game up now that I'm getting older. Would have posted this in the General Fashion section but nobody is on there anymore.

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I've got tired of just wearing plain T's and V neck shirts and whatnot so yesterday I went out and bought like 10 pocket T-shirts just to switch shit up a little bit. After the purchase I was thinkin to myself "Am I gonna look stupid wearing these?" so I thought I should ask the HB fam. What's yall opinion on pocket T-shirts?

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so i have a 4 page Cause and Effect essay to write, and I have no idea about what to write about I'll probably get a lot of troll answers from y'all, but i am open to ideas send it smokeyface

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Which brand do you believe fades the best?

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Phiten Necklaces are elastic necklaces that are infused with titanium. Supposedly their function is to relax muscles and relieve pain in your neck and stuff like that. i was wondering if anyone owns one,if so, do they work and where can i get one?

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Im thinkin about getting a pair but need to see some fits to make sure... so please post em up.

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whats a brand that sells some good cargo shorts? id like them to fit kind of long, like 2 inches below the knee.

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whats the name of those nikes that look like blazers but the toe part of them is that hard rubber like on chucks

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What are your thoughts on generic surplus shoes, i saw some desert boot looking ones in urban outfitter the other day that looked pretty dope

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i thinking about getting some true white skate hi's, but im kind of skeptical because i know after a few wears they will get dirty and kind of yellowed....does anyone have any ideas on how to keep them clean longer

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my friend gave me a pair of Green Bean 5 , and they are in pretty good condition except for the creasing. So i was wondering if anyone knows how to get the creases out.

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i know imma a noob... but what does synergy mean?

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post nike blazers

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ok so i was in a jc penny outlet shoe section, when i happen to see some hi top blue and white forces, i was amazed so i looked around some more and found some air max 180s, some tialwinds, huarache trainers,those foam lebrons, some air max 95s, some orange and green dunks, some persian bw's, and some silver and white low top 5's all for 45 dollars .What are some random places that you guys have been that carried some heat?

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