anyone else see it yet? I thought di caprio smashed it and crowe was damn funny. The ending was really good as well. Kinda came out of no where :p I thought for sure he was fucked but you'll see.

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verified paypal only. you pay for shipping from 97223. open to offers so if you don't agree with the price i've listed, feel free to offer. no trades. and no lowballers. oh and please excuse my sisters horrible camera skills :p Nudie Slim Jim black 30x32. Bought in August @ Villains Vault in SF for $190. Worn near daily since then. No washes. Asking $90. [Image] again I'm open to offers if you don't agree with the prices. if you've got a question just post it here or PM me. Thanks for looking.

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This is some stupid and ghetto shit. Go China, go China, go. [Image] [Quote] my favorite part of all however: 'Thank God it was only a 20-ton medium-sized airplane,' said one of the airport workers. 'If it were a big plane, it would have knocked us out.' link to article: [URL]

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Mike Skinner's newest album. After 'The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living' dropped I was a bit worried as to where he was headed. The album in my opinion, save for a few tracks, was trash. But he certainly turned it around with this album. On The Edge Of A Cliff is a great song and so are the rest. Anyone else heard it yet? Thoughts?

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Aside from making my car/insurance payments, I'm done with using banks. Period. Before you come in and tell me to get better money management skills and all that nonsense, I don't want to hear it. I've done that. I'm tighter with my money than I was before. But I'm tired of getting online to check my funds to see I have x amount of dollars in checking and x amount of dollars in savings. If I spend x amount of dollars, I should have some left. The whole reason I use online banking is to know what I have right then and there, as with most other services on the internet. But my charges are constantly getting delayed yet the funds will tell me I have more money than I have. Anyone else just keep their money with them or know of a better alternative to shady ass ways that banks are run? And no, don't tell me to watch my money. I do. Or at least they make me think I do.

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disbanded but they're one of my favorite bands. it's sad to see they're gone =/ myspace: [URL] mariner's cutlass is such a good fucking song. and so is horus rises. anyone else heard of them, let alone listen to them?

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some really chill shit this guy makes. idk what to classify it as exactly but just take a listen. here's what turned me on to him: [URL] anyone else listen to him or heard of him?

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hear me out before you jump to conclusions and think that i'm just going to not go to school. i've been enrolled @ PCC for a month or so now but I'm hesitant about even registering for classes cause ultimately next summer I plan on joining the AF. i want to see how things play out after this election and i've got a few trips planned that I know i wouldn't be able to do if I joined. but the way i see it right now is that if i went ahead and did a year of cc while working here, it's kind of just a waste. i've wanted to join the AF since I was a child and the only thing that's holding me back is the presidential elections and those plans. i'm hoping to get a degree in political science and try something in world affairs, if i'm not able to get into the officer/pilot training. but i ask you fellow beasters, do you think it's worth it to waste a year at a local cc if i'm 95% positive i'm going to enlist next year? oh and by the way, cc is the only option because i didn't really care much about my high school classes. getting a majority of c's with a few b's didn't get me a high enough GPA to go to a 4 year, and even then I wouldn't have wanted to right now. my SAT/ACT scores prove that i'm intelligent, i just don't care about the classes in hs. lulz.

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[URL] this'll be a fun election season lol.

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[URL] i envy the dudes patience. here's pictures of the end result: [Image]

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[URL] edit: forgive me if this is deemed electronics or w/e and if it is move it please.

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[URL] hahahahahahaha @ number 16 bus shelter.

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fucking gorgeous imo. i'm just copy and pasting this from a car forum i browse. but this thing is so damn nice. [Image] After months of seeing SL Black Series pictures on tracks like Nurburgring, the final production version is now revealed. AMG have spent considerable time transforming the SL into a wider, more powerful and full-time coupe. What they have made is the best Black Series yet. Along with the carbon fiber roof comes an integrated roll-bar that replaces the retractable hard top. At the rear is an optional and adjustable wing. Wider flares are inspired by DTM and the huge front intakes make the SL look considerably more menacing. Under the hood is the SL65 V12 engine with upgraded turbochargers that help the SL achieve 661 bhp and 738 ft lbs of torque. This enormous power is necessary for the car's 4122 lbs of bulk. The new model is rumored to cost $320,000 USD and will be built in a limited edition of just 200 examples. limited production ftw.

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saw it at midnight and it's fucking hillarious. i know some of you are gonna think it's stupid but imo it has some of the funniest shit i've heard in a while. dumb humor, but funny. plus, anne hathaway is hottt imo. anyone planning on seeing it or seen it?

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