[Bespoke Cut and Sew] 2012 Official Discussion Thread

Love how much you guys have grown. You guys have honestly taken over the hat game. Quality is untouched

2 Weeks ago in Brands


They seem legit. But I'm not a Jordan expert or anything. Where did you get them?

2 Weeks ago in Legit Checks

Best Case?

Yeah can't go wrong with an otterbox. Best case around but probably one of the ugliest at the same time.

2 Weeks ago in Tech

04 Evo vs STI

I've driven both and I personally prefer the Sti. It's just more fun to drive

2 Weeks ago in Automotive

Which color vans?

Curious on what type of vans you are talking about. But you really can't go wrong with grey

2 Weeks ago in Vans


Copped their "Balance" tee a couple weeks ago and was very impressed with their overall quality. They really added a twist to a typical raglan tee shirt. Definitely one of a kind.

2 Weeks ago in Brands