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http://network.yardbarker.com/nba/article_external/meet_kobe_bryants_home_wrecker_jessica_burciaga/8796238 http://www.playboyblog.com/2011/03/jessica-burciaga-playboy-playmate-february-2009/ - NSFW [Image]

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Whaddup hb, I'm in a predicament here. I was talking to this girl and we got in an argument (over who's sex she enjoyed better: mine or her bf's). She was in denial the whole time but I could see in her eye she didn't want to admit mine was better. Sometimes I let shit get to me but it just pissed me off cause she kept lying. Her boyfriend was out of town at the time but I got a call from him recently, I just wanted her to apologize (and admit that she was wrong). Her bf is a stubborn fuck and was pissing me off so I told him I was gonna beat his ass; I've got at least 30 lbs on him so it's aight. He knows where I live but I know where his girl lives cause I've been to her house plenty of times. What to do?

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[URL] [Quote] Bitch better be enjoying her sun from the kitchen hurp durp

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