Must vote to gain HB rep.

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this is the flannel that morphs into a solid mid wear! size medium, holla at me thru PM!

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Please let me know if you got connect. Thanks in advance!

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Dexter0206 (3:50:49 AM): kinda feelin the chris pfanner black tomas5537 (3:51:07 AM): k tomas5537 (3:51:08 AM): tongueface Dexter0206 (3:51:14 AM): whatchu think? Dexter0206 (3:51:18 AM): hm tomas5537 (3:51:18 AM): its aight Dexter0206 (3:51:23 AM): u don't like em ahha Dexter0206 (3:51:28 AM): u like runners Dexter0206 (3:51:29 AM): and J's Dexter0206 (3:51:40 AM): i know u baybaj Dexter0206 (3:51:42 AM): baybah tomas5537 (3:51:46 AM): then why the fuck are you asking me tomas5537 (3:51:51 AM): im giong back to sleep tomas5537 (3:51:52 AM): pz Dexter0206 (3:51:54 AM): pzz Dexter0206 (3:52:06 AM): so mad.. I'm gay.

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1. Endovanera Crimson Hoodie Size: Medium Color: Charcoal Paid $242, bought from [URL] Asking: $155 shipped [Image] Please let me know if you have any question.

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Let's celebrate! smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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Previous winner: Eazy-e [B] Who do you guys think will take over the turf? [/B] [Image] p/s: drewp please do me a favor this one time and not lock this thread, please please please

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I'm officially calling out saftis on a fit battle for old time seck. Show up or forever be called a chicken. Sometime this weekend or next week so still time 2 cawp phresh gearz. Okay baiz.

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Would you call them corny? Please vote. [LIST=1] [*]Middle finger to camera [*]Sag super low but grow up in a rich white neighborhood and own a mini ramp in their backyard that they spray paint instead of skate [*]Flannel buttoned all the way up [*]Always look mean in WDYWT but is actually a herb IRL [*]Only listened to Joy Division after Supreme dropped a T [*]Wear all red or all black, and talks about how he can't wear blue because he's affiliated with certain "organization" and later on reveals that he has a pony-tail [*]oh and the infamous "WDGAF" and IDGAF taunt [*]attempt at making fun of him/herself by saying what sucks before everybody else do ex: "shirt's too big, i know" and proceeds to post the fit anyway [*]claims to be an OG because his account says 2006, can do crook and think his better than people that don't skate, takes daily pictures before factory opens, is a mod but never really does anything [*]people that became mod recently and think they're THE FUCKIN SHIT just because the username is of a different color now [/LIST]

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Why don't we dress like them? Discuss. [Image]

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