As I know some of you keep your ski mask handy at all times, you don't have to be happy with this same old black one anymore. Here are a couple of new options for you so when you are committing that special crime::cough::vin&claire::cough::, it will just baffle the victim. [Image]

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Anybody else wondering what is going to happen with all the conferences now that Syracuse and Pitt are now in the ACC? Will the Big12 evaporate and go into other conferences? I know the Big East is probably done because WVU, the only school remaining in the conference that has been competitive over the past 10 years, has already reached out to the ACC and SEC. Will these moves also take place in basketball? I pray the Big12 stays so there will be 5 super conferences. The Big12 if they were smart could take in schools like TCU, Boise State, Houston, or even Temple who can all be somewhat good in the conference. I know Texas was considering the ACC so they could keep the Longhorn Network (cant by joining SEC and Pac12). Will Notre Dame finally join the Big10? Who will the Big10 be poaching? I think a lot of moves will happen this week.

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Congrats nucca

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If you haven't heard yet, here is the article: Article is too long to quote. In short, a booster paid lots of players and only game out with this after he went to prison for getting caught running a ponzi scheme. He named over 100 players, 72 of them have been confirmed to receive improper benefits from him. There has been talk now that they will save the death penalty which SMU received in the 80's which killed their football program.

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[Image] Comments plz

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Bill Stewert fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[05-25-2011 04:40 PM] missy.: i slept with brendan! oh god

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Well, here is your answer

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He isnt going to cheat on you. But if you wanna do some cheatin, hit me up &)

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For those that haven't been following what has been going on in Division 1 sports, the college conferences are pretty much trying to make 4 or 5 super conferences. The reason for this is not for better games, it is purely so they can start having their own TV networks to show games. So far Colorado is the first to officially jump ship from the Big 12 conference to go to the Pac 10. It has already been reported that another Big 12 team, Nebraska, is leaving to join the Big 10. The word has been that the powerhouses of the Big 12 would also leave if this happens and go to the same conference, the Pac 10. That means Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State would all leave. The Big 10 themselves have been looking into adding more teams themselves. Those teams have been Notre Dame, Memphis, Kansas, Pitt, Rutgers, Maryland, and Syracuse. They will not get all these teams but they have made offers. In doing this, they will be breaking apart the Big 12 conference entirely and starting to take from the Big East.

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Alright, about a month and a half ago I moved out of my parents house and into a house in Belmar with 5 friends. From the day we moved in, I knew our one neighbor was going to be a prick. We saw him when we were moving, waved hello and asked him how he was doing but he just turned his back and walked away. We found out from our other neighbor the guy is a real asshole and was pissed we were moving in. He told us the guy has been the dick of the block and we should just ignore him. After that he started parking all his cars in the street, and I don't mean small ones. He parks two huge trucks in the street to take away parking from us. He also parks his other two SUV's in the street to do the same thing even though he has a driveway, sometimes leaving it completely empty. Second week in we had a party on a Friday night and he called the cops. Before you say it must have gotten out of hand, we had only 20 people and everyone was inside. The only time people went outside was to smoke cigarettes. We then went to the bar at 12 AM and then came back, but it still wasn't loud. Next day we had the chief of police come by off duty telling us one of our neighbors called the cops and pretty much told us which one. We now dont play music on Fri or Sat after 12 AM. We also dont go out during the week or even play music during the week. Today, I come to find out he called the town us now because our grass was too long. The crap part is the town came out the same day and time as we were getting the grass cut yet still gave us a fine. We tried to get the guy there a week earlier but it was raining. We also have proof the grass was cut that day with a check and our bill. The neighbor also complained to the lawn guy about us and the lawn guy told us what he said. I see this prick almost every morning when I go to work, I still retardly wave to him but he still ignores. So I ask you guys, anybody got any ideas on what to do? I'm at the tipping point of knocking the guy out but I dont wanna be that guy.

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Congrats Artis [Image]

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Become mesmorized by the gif [Image]

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