god damn old ppl

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Damn old people

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[Quote]Mayimbe always wandering into all these celebs

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It is now 2015.... If this fight happened 9 years ago, I would be excited. But now, I just don't care.

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[Quote]He got a lap dance and a refreshing drink and stilled bitched about it? dont be friends wit him anymore

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Rizal wins by default for being the longest standing member

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[Quote]We don't have a branch there

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[Quote]You're just a fool then.

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[Quote]Oh nothin, i mainly only lurk the site now since the SB is always dead

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The cure for aids is 1 million dollars injected into the blood stream

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Simple, she's a racist. If I said "why would you ever give a quote to that black publication" I would be called a racist. It works both way people

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Radical Islam is sickening. It is attracting the insane, garbage of this earth currently and unfortunately it is multiplying each day. Let's look at some of the items these human trash have committed just in the last year alone: 1) Behead "Westerners" who are trying to help the region just because they are not Muslim 2) Enslave women and give them no rights 3) Killing people just for the fun of it 4) Practicing Sharia Law - read what this is and it will disgust you 5) Commit suicide bombings on innocent civilians 6) Kill innocent people in multiple different countries just for the hell of it 7) Invade two countries and oppress the people in both This is what a modern society does not practice and should not be tolerated. At this point most of Syria is lost for years to come. Would I be mad if entire sections of the country that has been colonized by ISIS be carpet bombed? Absolutely not. Would it be a shame for the innocents being held there against their wills to lose their lives? Absolutely but with each passing day their life expectancy under ISIS shrinks due to their insane rules. The fact that the one country next to it, Turkey, wants no part in this is pathetic. They are allowing these atrocities as it is a way point for these scumbags to enter the country. And why is that? Turkey is heavily a Muslim country and they fear of reprisal. Should the people who leave Syria after joining ISIS be allowed back into civilized society? No, prison for the rest of the lives, no matter the age (that is actually better than they deserve). Now as for Islam as a whole I cannot judge it. Now if we broke it down by country and sect, yes I can. Any of these area's that practice Sharia Law and feel it is correct do not belong. Any of these that make women essentially property do not belong. Any of them believing that rape is right and stoning women for any reason they feel like do not belong. Unfortunately overseas there is a large chunk that believe in this and I for one believe they can stay in their shit areas for the rest of their lives secluded from the rest of the world. Join the 21st century already you fuckers.

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What an idiot, went from robbery to attempted murder.

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How it currently sits: [Image] Wednesday night heading home from work my rear tire blew out on the parkway while I was going 85. I fishtailed but saved the car..... The damage I know of is that the tire ripped off the side skirt, side skirt bounced around and dented the door, blown tire dented and folded the rear fender, broke the rear bumper, broke metal from the trunk (you can see the ground from the trunk), broken censor on the exhaust, and possible exhaust damage. I was going to be trading in the car on Saturday to get my M3.... Now that's delayed

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Goodbye middle eastern/african countries harboring terrorist,,,,, zero tolerance prob just begun today

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