good vibe.... [URL]

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classic bangers: [URL]

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laced this up this past weekend....a little oldies, some older stuff, and some b-more. let me know what you all think. [URL]

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clean work everyone. heres some photo projects ive worked on this week. [Image]

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I mean obviously alot of street fashion is done in quantities that limit every store to obtain a certain amount. My question is: if there was a particular brand out there that I might be interested lets say a dunks account to sell in my store how would I go about obtaining it, and also how difficult or what type of requirements would be necessary to attempt that with clothes and other shoe companies. **i use nike to symbolize the amount of production of the item. obviously i know it would be different with say vans or supreme. but its a question I would appreciate the help.

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I just read that you have an ae-1 I have that camera as well. if you didnt load it correctly film not catching is usually a big issue for people even pros...sometimes you have to make sure its caught and in place. cant be the cap on the lens cause you wouldnt have seen anything. aperture? was the light meter reading too dark, also did you develop the film or did you drop it off to a 1hour photo store?

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[Quote] The exposure on your camera should be set at somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds, but can be as long as you need to get the effect you want. Set the camera to iso100 and close the aperture as much as you can. make sure you have it on a steady surface if you dont use a tripod.

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well film is transparent anyways what I mean , can you tell if the film is dark like it was developed and exposed, or is it transparent and it was developed without exposure too light. when its developed and exposed its dark and you can usually see your hand if your holding it through the negative. when its developed and not exposed to light you can see your hand very clearly through the film.

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film: canon ae-1 canon fd 50mm lens digital: nikon d80 18-135mm lense af micro nikkor 60mm lens canon rebel xt 8mp point and shoot: canon sd750

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is your film dark or transparent after you developed the film?

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yo clock, I heard that you needed a camera that could read the films code. not sure if this applies to all older models, am looking to getting a roll but not sure if will work with my canon ae-1. also do you need a filter to get the textured colors or whats the purpose behind the filter.

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so yeah playing the roll of participation on the forums is never easy..... this year I am gonna contribute more. [B]these snaps taken with a nikon d80 standard lens.[/B] [Image] [URL]

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[Quote] thank you. What kind of approach do you see in my art? also would you consider this to be contemporary?

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[Quote] acrylic: yes. canvas: fredrix canvases.

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