message me for details ;]

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whose going

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Greetings Gentleman, I have a photoshop request. Can anyone take this image I have posted turn it into a black and white picture like a portrait and photoshop it onto a white t-shirt or something. PLEASE just come up with something [Image]

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nvm delete plz retarted place to ask for advice

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Post your techniques for scarfing down the most food as fast as you can. This weekend I will be engaging in a buffalo wing eating contest. It is no the volume of the wings as much as the extreme spicyness that will pose a challenge. I am thinking of using performance enhancing drugs of some sort. Like making an immodium/tums protien shake. Post your food eating stories here. How much you ate and all

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Alright, I'm trying to make a fairly large stencil. I want to make a large stencil of the louis vutton print the monogram one whatever thats all over luggage and kanye. I wanted to make it big enough where I can stencil stuff like mailboxes, trashcans, my room. like how would I go about doing it like making a black and white print that i can cut out any help at all would be appreciated

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Alright I'm making this thread asking for any creative ideas or suggestions of stuff to do with my girlfriend. such as places to go and shit/what do you guys do it always ends up shittty concerts or movies or just driving around boring shit idk

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Share what went down on your epic new years eve... parties.drinking.drinking parties. buttsex. WUT WENT DOWn WUZ GEWD

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It has recently occured to me that I don't have ALOT of friends. I mean i have a couple semi-close ones and used to be tighter with alot of people that got me invited to shit but i really right now have very few friends. does anyone have any tips on meeting new people and making friends without seeming sketch

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I think I am one. Where to cop help? (Seriously)

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I've always wanted to like restore or just have some kind of project car. I was never into tuners or anything I just love old land rovers, triumphs, mg's and mercedes. I want to just learn the basics of automotive repair are there any books or resoursces or anything? how do all of you guys learn this shit? or is my best bet to take some kinda classes thanks alot

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im going to shootmyself in the leg in honour of plaxico burress. i hope i start a new trend

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yeah my moms going there on buisness for 2 weeksand im tailing along sinse school doesnt start till the 17th what is some cool shit to do there? any good skateparks? fuck disney world to im to old and ive been there 10 times. thankz hypebeasts

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Alright so I bought an Imac desktop 20" 2.8ghz one like 20 days ago its sick and all but now I go to private school and I need a fucking laptop and even though they got ibooks there there on motherfucking lockdown. Can i return my imac for a macbook I NEEDZ TEH MACBOOK. ill cop a cinnie display or external later

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