Its fake

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I think a better alternative would have been to offer her a 69 rather than sucking a dildo. That was pretty gay.

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Wu Wear, Karl Khani, OutKast Clothing, Enyce, G-unit.

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I always liked Cheep's style.

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Still lurking once in a while, 23. Site's gone downhill though (forum not the main page).

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Hey guys, I might be ordering some of these but I'm worried about the sizing on length. I'm 6'0 170 with pretty long legs, I usually wear 30x36 in Levi's. Length is usually a problem for me finding jeans and shirts, and I noticed these jeans only list the waist size and not the length. Anyone else kind of tall/long limbed order these before?

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Its really not a big deal if the girl knows what she's doing. Like others said just use a condom and a towel or do it in the shower. The girl should know when it won't be very much blood none at all.

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[Quote] Check out Celda 211 and Tambien La Lluvia, also any Almodovar, like Habla Con Ella.

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[Quote] Exactly, like I wrote in the other thread the only way you can have a huge burst of energy like this from a mass is when there were already longstanding frustrations and this moment is when it exploded. And to the guy from the most classist city in the world (Milan) last time I checked humans are animals, we can't deny our nature.

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Don't condone riots but usually when it gets to this level its an outlet for a lot of other issues regarding the class/social structure, police, or the government in a country. I don't agree its just hey let's get free stuff nor is it specifically about the one person getting killed. The only way riots like this can happen is when people have much larger issues they're damn angry about that weren't or aren't being addressed.

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[email][/email] Fuck FB! >smh

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Who cares though? >smh

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You guys are calling him a bitch but then you're on HB bitching about him not releasing the mixtape. Seriously? Pot. Kettle. Black.

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Going for nijem too, btw anyone got a stream for tonight? I know the prelims are on fb, I just mean the main events.

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Definitely do it, its a great experience, actually, its probably one of the greatest experiences of your life, and all my friends who studied abroad said the same thing. I studied abroad in the Netherlands and had a great time, I was smart with my money and spent a month traveling through Europe after the semester was over which was incredible. Wherever you go you'll have an awesome time, its more about the person than the place itself, if you want to take everything the experience has to offer you won't be disappointed.

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