haha nice story. Its like what you and the others said. 1) some people do remember a lot, even after a lot of drinks (nye is very clear to me) + 2) any memory gaps can be filled in (which makes some evenings better, some worse hehe). But i didnt see a thread about new years evenings and adventures and stuff. My night was kankerlauw... as in real nice. (girl from finland , nice...) Shall i tell my story here?

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Jaymz Beaver blushing

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^^ I lol'd at the retard one I like lolcats.... [Image]

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Spoiler [COLOR=White]ahh he has to be dead, i hope naruto gets those frogma and frog pa blushing and i m curious to see kisame (the thing with the sharksword) fight against hebi.... [/COLOR]

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Really? I think you re wrong about that John Edward Lord guy in the prison. He is not in a jail in manhattan, the first thing you see in the trailer is: "Colorado, USA" + you hear: "They called it the alcatraz of the rockies". + if you hear him talk he claims the terrorist attacks, he never said he was in manhattan working with the government blow stuff up. He is evil... has to be

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i heared she was in the new fhm, but didnt know she liked bondage.... http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/celeb_interviews/article294335.ece and i m happy i could go to see hitman for free, a waste of euros |0

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What about that 3rd trailer? All a bit comic style.. it reminded me a little bit of Sin City. But how are they going to fit two stories like that in one movie, or is it me missing something? Will smith is in NY, right?, so how is some evil terrorist going to be involved while he is in the middle of some big ass desert in a jail? ?) http://www.apple.com/trailers/wb/iamlegendisolation/

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The team is approaching a bridge where they 're supposed to meet up with that spy. They ve some sort of plan to catch the spy, and the spoiler for last week is Tadadada: "it's ...that guy?" Obviously kabuto is on the bridge... They should better make the opcoming fight something good in the anime

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well the mime is walking like a. hitler (as in John Cleese in fawlty towers)

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mm ik heb een vraag dan over Karmaloop: verschepen ze nou wel of niet gewoon alles naar NL? Ik zag iets staan over dat expediting kazbah items abroad niet mogelijk was, maar het kan dus wel? Zou mooi zijn... En dat jvt taalgebruik valt nogal mee, beter van die dilla link, album is dope.

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Isnt it in the off topic part of the forums??

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ThePepperSkull^^ Really?? How do you know that? But if he's capable of regenerating just like the cheerleader, would that mean that if you cut him in half, (something nice for hiro) that he would become 2 people blinkyeyes Thats something im wondering about. It would be strange if he could grow the two halves together again. And on the 1st page: I also wonder how sylar gets his powers. Somehow i always imagine him eating brains with a spoon haha + the girl with the eyes: i suppose the company will try to stop her, yeah that would be logical. But in ep 3 (4 is already out isnt it?) you see her bro with the same eyes. Does he take her effect away or what??

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video = |0 song is ok with the playlist on shuffle, its a bit boring too, not bad, but it lacks some variation if you know what i mean

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niceee looking, - first i got some stupid authorisation message, but i can see it now. Those small preview pictures are good. smokeyface

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I like dabaaz - paris the most, thanks Will. The rest is like trance beats mixed with rap music smh + ^^ Rotterdam Terror Corps is something like hardcore right blinkyeyes ewwww haha Sjoerd

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