I say go for it. You have those people that are naturally smart. Then you also have those people who try hard. The majority of people in any major are those who try hard. Dont let your SAT scores or information you gather from other people deter you. If you get accepted into a school complete all your pre-reqs and study hard, extremely hard (pause). As far as your comment saying physics is a harder major than engineering, I would have to agree. Although, engineering is physics to some extent. The two are intertwined. Physics is more conceptual and abstract imo. The actual math is easy. Applying the math for a given situation is what is difficult. I'm studying engineering. The problems we have to solve are all aspects of physics. Math is just a tool you use to solve the problems. We have a lot of physics majors that transfer over to engineering due to the fact that you'll have better job opportunites as an engineer with a bachelors. Also keep in mind there are different types of physics degrees and options coupled together. Applied physics, engineering physics, applied physics-computer science, applied physics-engineering (option), biophysics, etc... I would talk to an advisor at your school and see whats best for you.

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If anyone has an extra invite, send one this way. :D [email]dalston0@gmail.com[/email] Thanks in advance.

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[Quote] Truth.

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Ask you Prof if hes teaching a Calc 1 class and see if you can sit in while hes teaching one day.

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Ughh Calc 2. Convergence and divergence. Taylor series, binomial series, power series. Brings back terrible memories 2 semesters ago. Had to take it twice my dude, but good luck to you. Math, physics, or Engineering major?

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Heres some pickup lines my boy sent me couple days ago. Will probably be funny if your an engineer. Try at your own risk. - I wish I were your derivative so I could be tangent to your curves. - I wish I were your anti derivative so I could be in the area under your curves. - Don't worry about friction baby, I took a course on lubricated shafts. - They say you can tell a lot about someone by the courses they take, and Engineering courses are always hard... - Hey babe I'm definately feeling an electromagnetic attraction. Want to flux? - Since distance equals velocity times time, let's let velocity and time approach infinity, because I want to go all the way with you. - By looking at you I can tell you're 36-25-36, which by the way are all perfect squares. - The volume of a generalized cylinder has been known for thousands of years, but you won

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Getting my associates for Mechanical Engineering this semester from a Community College. Going to a 4 year school and planning on joinging the AFROTC. Any experiences or anything you guys wanna share about an Officer training program?

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Wussup HB, Anyone know where I can get a legit download/torrent of Solid Works 2010? It can even be a trial version, but it needs to last more than 1 year. I found one torrent but it had a virus. Thanks guys!

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[Quote] A lot of careers my dude... Designing/constructing things in the fields of .. Robotics, Nanotechnology, Prosthetics, Automotive, Aero, Watercrafts, Construction, etc... A lot of applications require mechanical parts. Thats just a broad outline too.. There are actually 2 different types of study you can go into depending on if your school offers it. MEC or MET. MEC = Mechanical Engineering which is more theory based, being more innovative, and thinking of new ideas. (Requires 4 years of calculus 2 years of Physics.) MET = Mechanical Engineering Technologist which is more hands on. This will be the designing, construction, and manufacturing of the product. (Requires 2 years of calculus and 2 years of Physics.) Both will need a couple of semesters of thermodynamics and some other shit too. Did 1 semester as a MEC and it was pretty rough dude. MET is a little easier and more fun IMO.

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Na DStyles you got it twisted homie. I could care less if jay wanted to be my friend. Im speaking on behalf of what I see, meaning my personal opinion. Yea he still got bleek but bleek aint do shit for him. You right this is a business but who helped Jay get him in the position he is today? You already know the answer to that. But back on topic. Jay always gettin herbed by rappers, Pun already knew the deal with him.

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Your right but you cant talk hiphop with out talking about that. Hiphop was birthed off struggle and "streets" and "hood" and "jail".

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[Quote] Nowadays you dont need any type of credibility. "Good music" or a "hot song" now overshadows truth and honesty. Fraudulent material and portraying your self as whatever you want is accepted by everyone if you nice with metaphors and similes. In the 90's however, you NEEDED some sort of credibility and you needed to be respected regardless if you was hustling or a gangster. In this era (mid 90's) if you was from new york everyone knew 2 crews you didnt fuck with was Terror Squad and Wu Tang Clan. I just find it ironic how both them camps stated openly they didnt fuck with Jay-Z. Dont get me wrong I like Jay's music, I respect his money and his business-like mindset. I dont know him personally I never met duke, but from what ive seen and heard him do to his peoples/crew makes me not respect his personality. Meaning I would never be his friend.

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[Quote] Pun had the whole Bronx on smash. Not to mention every single latino in New York backing him 100%.

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Nigs tryna get that Brian Wilson swag... [Image]

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