The SEXDBXSXS12 jean will be released at Self Edge San Francisco, Self Edge New York, and Self Edge Los Angeles at Noon (Local Time) on Saturday, December 4th. The jeans will also be available online at 10am (PST) the same day in the online store.

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Rockin the Vannen Buffmonster atm. Thinkin about changing towards a nice all black watch, like most ceramic stuff.

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does the tan leather darkens fast or should i go for a darker color from the beginning?

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[Quote] good taste man my last was "fair game" was pretty good but saw alot of better movies this year... but my local sneak preview crew has a great taste^^

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3 dont like bling

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really depends on shoes at the moment i wear alot of low air ones so I cuff almost every day

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dont get it they look like g-star shit

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is it possible to let only the legs shrink so the become skinnier?

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[Quote] Sounds like having the same issues. I just really want to encourag them to work together with tailors and better fabricaters and the brand would be over the top. Now it's pretty much like designer printing on fruit of the loom. I will not buy any N4E1 again till the quality suits the design.

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really dope design. but I'm not fully satisfied with the quality. hope will be improved.^^ my duffle bag always gets dents when not fully packed and has a lot of volume with no seperators. but the looks nearly make up to it.

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Hey, do you know anny store that ships supreme stuff to europe and doen't cost like 3 times as much as on the supreme page?

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