you don't need a new pair of pants to go with every shirt, lol, matching is not that serious. any neutral  pair of jeans will work just fine. if you insist on matching perfectly with the colors on your shirt, i'd say blue, black or grey over red or green.

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listen to lots of music, and make lots of beats. i used to have a hard time finding stuff to sample, but after a good amount of experience i started hearing potential flips to damn near everything i heard. plus, once you've listened to and sampled enough music, you'll develop go to artists, genres, time periods, record stores, etc. finding samples will only get easier and more fun.

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Socks are cool but I'm not paying 20 for a pair. I wear black or printed high socks from random discount stores

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[Quote]houston is probably worse than la or sf, but oakland, richmond, stockton and compton all have higher violent crime rates than any city in texas.

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