post a pic of who you think could beat the shit out of the above person. Ill start off: [Image] Rick Astley

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Today I began fading my first pair of levis (indigo) and I have a pair of raw black ones in my closet that still have the tags on them and everything I was wondering if black jeans look good faded because it seems like evryone goes for blue. what color do they fade to lighter black or grey? Pics please. thanks guys

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Now I own alot of more sophistocated watches but I want my first G-shock which one looks best in person in your opinion because im ordering from the web and the closest store that carrys them according to the website is 40 miles away. DW6900 [Image]

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whats the best site for tees that you use most often or has the dopest tees and best selection?

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I have heard it many times and I finally have the solution I have 38-40 waiste size and my thighs are huge and I could never find nice clean looking jeans that would fit me nice until today. Levis 569s are the answere to any bigger built dudes, they fit me great not tight like alot of people like it but not to baggy they are basically 501s but with wider legs so if 501s are tight on your legs on but you still want straight fit buy 569s and there selveged. hope I could help Oh and there only about $35-$50

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Anyone into these I think they are the coolest and best cars around for the price. My brother has a white 07 STI and anyone have one or some cool pics. I think im going to buy a 06 wrx next year for my first car.

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Im thinking about copping this jacket for fall, but I wanted to know if it looks bad in person? Dose anyone have any other pics with like someone wearing it unzipped or if any of you own it could you post a pic for me? [URL] THANKS

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Alright so bassically im screwed I gotta start school shopping soon. I live in south jersey (all stores here are filled with element, dc, hurley, miskeen, ed hardy, ecko) ?) my parents would die before they used there credit card online and wont take me to the city. Can anybody reccomend me a good online dealer that accepts phone orders or a couple of stores in south jersey and like the main roads of philly? Oh yea and im only looking for tees I already ordered a few pairs of vans of and got some selvedged levis from the mall. thanks

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Mods Please Delete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Are 501s a similar fit as the apc new standars??? If not what is? [URL]

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WTF? never saw this coming. I mean he collabs with everyone but a band like Dragon force. anyway Its pretty tight. I like the second verse but I dont like the way they sing in this song at all. [URL]

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[URL] This is repulsive that people actually can take artist like this ser and who the fuck wants to collabo with soulja boy (it says on mtv jams vic ft. souljaboy but all he dose is dance)

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Alright ive been noticing alotta threads lately about this topic. i however do not need help in this subject but others seem to ,so start.blushing

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The 2920 are here. Here is a snap shot of the 2920 release through Cap Collector. New Era’s 2920 is basically a flat brim wool adjustable cap, complete with the plastic strap. The collection includes black / white Yankees, LA Dodgers, Kings, Pirates, & other classics such as the Compton & X cap. Available now at Cap Collector with limited release here in the states. [Image] any info?

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alright, i never wear shorts, if i do its only around the house (shaq shorts or nikes i got on disscount at marshalls)lol but anyway what kind of shorts look best? raw denim? i never accually wore shorts that wernt basketball shorts since like kindergarten so thanks and pisc would be apreciated of what they look like with your heat.

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