[Quote] yeah, i think he got a multi-fight contract with the UFC. something like when UFC bought Pride, Mark still had fights under his contract with Pride.

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Blackstar is gonna be here in Hawaii on the 22nd, with Goapele. i for sure am gonna go. Not too many good shows here in hawaii, too expensive for artists to fly down all their equipment and do a show.

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anyone hear about that new videogame "Homefront" or something like that? Seen the trailer for it during the E3 expo. looks pretty dope.

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Edward 40 hands is dope, we also do "grab bag 40's" too. Get a load of 40's, all different types. OE, Mickeys, Steel Reserve, Cobra, even Coors, MGD, St. Ides.....and so forth. put em all in a box, put the paper bag over it, and you take turns grabbing 1, whatever you grab, you drink. usually do 2 40's. pretty funny seeing people wanting to join in on the fun, but don't drink 40's, and seeing them grab a steel reserve and a High Gravity. haha.

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yeah, ain't too impressive, i just meant beastly as in breaking limbs, like how he did on new years eve against Hirota. anyone think Mark Hunt gonna do horrible in the UFC? Fighting at around 300 lbs. normally, i'd kinda like to see if dropping to 265 will help him out in anyway.

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beat wise, my fav gotta be the Arch Druids from the Seventh Letter Crew. i'd post links to beats and such, but i gotta up my post count first. peep on myspace, facebook, youtube, whatevers. just search Brothaz Bent, Arch Druids, Animoss, Mista Melo. i first heard them in Vegas while cruising on Fremont Street. One of the emcees, Woozy Meds, came up to me and my boys and gave us a free CD. normally i don't pay much attention to people like that, but i noticed the Seventh Letter Clothes they had on, and the logo on the CD. so i went to their free show at beauty bar that night, and was instantly hooked. Burned with em after the show, heard em battle eachother for a bit. Dope people, really doin' it for the love, and the fans.

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[Quote] my bad, never even noticed it til now. side not, Rampage jackson spent his 4th of July here in Hawaii on the beach, having a few drinks, partying with the whole state of Hawaii. i'd post flicks, but i gotta work on my post count. Stoked to see Dustin "McLovin" Hazelett fight at 117.

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[Quote] i'm about your size. 6'1", size 12 shoes, 160 lbs.....for me i rock a 7.6" because i grew up with alien workshop boards where riders like Josh Kalis would even have 7.4" sig models released. for me, i felt like i could flip the boards a lot easier the skinnier they were.

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idk if it's just me, but i can only enjoy a good high with the company of others. if i'm by myself, i feel too chronic. maybe that's just the weed talking....got that pot o' gold batch in. i'd post flicks, but i just joined, and trying to up my posts so i can post. Also, a possible drought coming here in the Aloha State, from what all my friends say. anyone dry out there?

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anyone seen that Aoki/Kawajiri fight this past weekend on Dream? Aoki got some beastly submissions.

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anyone with the slim PS3 have their unit "click" when you turn it off after a good gaming sesh? it sounds like a fingernail tapping on the damn thing.

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summer in Hawaii means Vans Classics, slip-ons, and even the barefoot action.

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anyone ever play in the Melo M6's? thinking about picking up a pair for the next game shoe.

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