PayPal + 4% only US ONLY preferred unless you cover shippjng Not looking for Trades [Image] The shirt is still in good shape, no flaws/stains/tears or anything like that, just normal aging for a 5 year old shirt. Im only selling because I got a new one. Looking for $140 shipped

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US shipping only, no international Paypal only + 4% Serious buyers only. PM best way to reach me. TRADES SHIP FIRST. I WILL NOT SHIP FIRST Selling my Large VNDS Mister Black Wool Varsity jacket. I've worn this 2-3 times, owned it for about a year. Nice leather, pretty warm flannel lining, really well constructed, no flaws as far as I've noticed. It doesn't get enough love in my closet, figured I'll get rid of it. This piece is about a year old, won't see many of these on HB, much less in the black wool colorway. Looking for $100 shipped + 4% [Image] Can post more pictures if requested, just snapped a few quick ones in shitty lighting.

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srs question 15charwtf

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Looking for Jackets, buttondowns, and Flannels made by NBHD and Supreme. Size M/L. Specifically looking for either an Olive or Burgundy Wet Weather Parka from F/W '11 of Supreme, Blackwatch Flannel from F/W '12, and various NBHD shit. Show me what you've got, nothing from recent Surpreme seasons. PM's best way to get me.

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SOLD 10char

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[URL] lol this dude got gold toilets, gold encrusted fridge, and six gold encrusted bed frame

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Post feedback here, thanks guys.

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Atleast 26 dead, 18 of them Kindergarden students... what is this world coming to? Who shoots up an elementary school...? Shit's horrible

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Shit's dangerous b. Not tryna troll either, I started selling bud to get some spare money and make sure I had smokin bud whenever so it wasn't really a problem. Thought I had it mapped and I was good and nothing bad would happen because I was careful about it, and today some dude pulled a gun on me. I've never been more terrified, you're looking at the difference between life and death. I'm not a pussy or some suss, I've seen guns, but I'm just some suburban white boy, I've never had a gun held at me before, and it doesn't happen much around here. I realized people don't give a fuck about you, they just want what you got and if they're really that desperate they'll do whatever it takes to get it. It ain't worth it, you can't trust anyone these days and that's a fact, your homies can turn their back at any minute. Feel free to flame and troll and shit, this isn't the first place I came, I'm not lookin for sympathy, just figured it wouldn't hurt to share.

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As the title says. Size medium preferably, large is a second option. PM/Post Here with prices

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What the title says, size M or L. PM or post here if you have it, preferably with prices

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[Embed content] Rick Ross dun fucked up EDIT: Wrong embed form

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