[URL] That's the latest version of Twit Connect (you guys are using it). It updates your Twitter Details when you log in. So when someone logs into to Twitter their details are up to date.

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When ever you sign in with Twitter and put a comment it stores your info (Image, Name, Website) based on the first time you logged in. So when I changed the stuff on Twitter it's never changed on HypeBeast, so I have an old name and a broken website every time I post.

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Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

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Yeh, as good as Kanye's stuff is with Jay Z I'd like to hear a few things with some other people. Possibly another track with Rick Rubin would be interesting.

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Damn, I got a pair near new, with box and tags the lot... Kinda nice to know their in high demand though, makes me wanna keep em.

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I almost pissed myself when I saw those jeans man.

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Man, I agree with not liking this CDG has a certain status that it's managed to build up over the years. It's built a reputation for high quality and exclusive clothing, collaborating with H&M is like taking all that work and pissing it up the wall. Oh, and H&M clothes are most defiantly not good quality. In fact they're the worst for quality that I've ever come across.

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I fell from the top of a vert ramp at a skate day. My board got caught in the coping at the top and I littery threw myself straight over from the top of the thing, and it was something like a 30ft high ramp too. Cracked my hip and pretty much ended my skating days right there.

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Whats more his mum was a fucking middle class white women and she raised him, before he moved to her parents home. How in the hell is gonna be a muslim.

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you just need to get trashed, get her trashed aswell, Works everytime.

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Aston Martin DB9S [Image]

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Did I just go back in time 6 months :S

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Me working away... [Image] Bape H&M Old Shirt J&C Jeans (Actually really nice) blinkyeyes The Ol' W)Taps Chucks smokeyface

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I spend WAY too much; this month alone I spent about $1000. :S Normally it's about $700.

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LMAO!! man that made me choke on my food.

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