Other than the spots mentioned what are cool places to go in the LA.....for food, clothing or whatever.

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[Quote] yes

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[Quote] gotta agree with you on this one. I dont understand why people trip like that

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[Quote] thank you for pointing this out, i feel like people mix them up al the time

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Why are peple so hype over OF.....dont get me wrong, i'm a fan but people are OD'ing......am i alone in seeing this recently?

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If you're into chillwave like Washed out, check out Toro y moi's first album, thats kindda summery lol. Mikey Rocks - "The Rocks Report" is a decent summer mixtape tho.

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[Quote] awww fellow pothead lol..... Bapetalk 2, Strictly Supreme and Strictly Plus are pretty dope tho

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[Quote] Same boat.......

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Crif Dogs on St. Marks is my spot for food. but honestly there is soooooooo many popular places to eat and shop that you can find what your looking for more specifically on google. you could spend a day or two in soho alone shopping so time and home much money you have to spend.

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besides like urban outfitters or some major chain - Thrift stores have cool shit like this sometimes.

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yeah because even if they fit properly, or at least how I wear them, as the day goes on they start to slide down -______- and not like fall off but just an annoying amount. belts FTW

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Honestly, most of what everyone else is saying is true but if an online shop doesn't have what the customer wants then its not the best it could be, like a skate shop needs to have a wide selection of SKATE brands, you can apply this to any popular style stores have. So any shop that has a decent quantity of popular shit is a winner.

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The perforated white Janoski's are one of my favorite all white kicks of recently.

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JANOSKI's are a good summer shoe. I had a pair of Clae's once too. not my steeze anymore but they weren't too bad.

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sick work man.

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