Very nice choice smokeyface I'm planning on getting my first DSLR in the next year (i'm currently in a photography class using film) and am looking at the Canon XTi, Nikon D40 or D40x (I love the D40x but heard that you can only use certain lenses on it tongueface) Anyways I was wondering what you used because the picture quality is incredible in all your shots. Do you alter them at all?

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Kickrocks and I'm Broke your pictures are amazing! What camera are you using?

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These things are MAD ugly imo and I wouldn't be caught dead with them on tongueface lol

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alright good stuff i'll have to look around for some of the suggestions. Thanks for the help and by the way i'm on smelltherich also under Much Swag blushing

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Just wondering if anyone knows if there are ANY Canadian sneaker forums or marketplaces where people are selling legit shoes? I would use ebay but the shipping prices are high and I don't want to have to deal with any border troubles. is alright but still most of the shoes on there are still coming from outside of canada. Does anyone know of anywhere? Preciate it in advance blushing P.S. I'm looking for something other than the one on this forum, just to clear that up lol

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Not feeling the tees I wouldn't be caught walking around with that on tongueface

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Where can I go to order from? Are they still selling them?

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[Quote] /\ Agreed... Personally I like what Loch and the guys are doing but he's probably used to the hating, it tends to come your way when you do something different and go against the grain

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Overall it's trash to me however I like the idea with the laces out the side of the shoe that's different. smokeyface

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These are mad sexy blinkyeyes blinkyeyes blinkyeyes

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/\ Good Looks blushing

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[Quote] /\ This is talking about you receiving something through USPS... not about shipping something right? Also if it's USPS we don't have drop off locations in Canada then right? The only things close to me are UPS & Canada Post tongueface ... Is Canada Post decent or do they charge mad fees too?

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I've wondered about this too I was buying 11's but then I bought a pair of white whites and they are 10.5 plus I shove a sock in the toe *shrugs* With Jordans I have 11's and then the flint grey VIIs I got a 10.5 and they fit a tad tight... I really don't know how both of these shoes fit it's always different tongueface

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[Quote] /\ In everyone's opinion who's the best to use if UPS is garbage?

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Glad to see you got the site launched it looks good and I like what you're doing. I love the idea of having the stores featured! I think you should get pics of the insides as well that would be hot. Keep making major moves and bringing the updates. smokeyface

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