WE GOTTA SUPPORT OUR LOCAL INDEPENDENTS!!!! Don't buy at Nike Bloor or FL/Champs when you can get the same kicks at the same price from C-apsule/Livestock or any other shops outside Toronto.

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no connects...i just go in and say "here is money for these shoes, i am prepaying and i wont be able to pick up until this date" i make them note it on the sheet so they know that i am not a deadbeat buyer and i actually plan on coming to pickup the shoes with my giftcard. as long as you are clear there should be no problems. i also do not preorder at like yorkdale or eaton centre or the really busy places otherwise you are more likely to have a problem because of the mad traffic they get there.

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whatever floats your boat...everyone does their own thing...

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red wing makes a solid boot but have yet to invest in a pair...problem with boots like that is the work in period and i would prefer to not have to work in a pair of shoes/boots before they are good for everyday use

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i would not call a girl i know a sneakerhead but she always rocks nice sneakers am95 white/grey/pink and og neon air jordan 20, 4, 13 pretty decent line up if you ask me.

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i wear the 3 bears nikesb high tops a lot in the winter

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only type of cleaner to use for suede shoes is suede shoe cleaner...dont try anything else or you will mess up your kicks. and even then you cant use too much or do it too often or else it will destroy the suede.

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my favourite box was the black one with purple...don't really like the pink boxes but hey its just a box.

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not sure what kind of work you are doing but air max is good if you work at footlocker, but if you work at a real office i suggest some real shoes.... tods and prada both make really comfortable shoes once they get worked in nicely especially - and a rubber sole will add to that comfort.

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i would of guessed sperry...and that would of made them like $300 cheaper.

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motorsports pack...but i already got that...nothing else really excites me so buying up other stuff though if the cement 3s or 4s come out then i will be excited for that and i am feeling the air jordan 2010 in black/unc colours

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stolen riches is renovating but they never said how long it would be closed for or anything...but you can imagine they will have some of the past releases stocked away for the grand re-opening.

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my built in closets in my wall go 10 ft high so my kicks are all in the upper cabinets. I have to climb a ladder or jump on my bed to get to them. the best part is they are closed cabinets so when you walk in my room you wont see mad shoe boxes everywhere nor would you suspect 60 plus pairs of hot air jordans/air max/sbs hidden up there. now that you know where i keep my kicks please dont rob me. thanks.

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go with asics bro, they make the best runners at all price points and comfort levels. between me and my family we have maybe a hundred pair of asics just buying the new model of our go to runners every few months.

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ransom upstairs is open but the goodfoot shoe store downstairs in toronto is closed. there is a liquor license application on the window for an establishment called "goodnight" so maybe they are entering the food and beverage industry. I bet you would all grab drinks or a bite to eat while showing off your new purchases or something....

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