Pretty much everything that's available at retail where I live. It's all DC shoes, Billabong, Jack & Jones. Top of the dull list is Superdry. That shit is incredibly popular here and it's just bad UK sportswear with token Japanese writing all over it. Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister and that other brand they have with the Polo apeing stuff I forget the name of. River Island, Top Man and H&M can have the occasional good piece but the quality of the clothes is pretty poor in general.

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Got a Ralph Lauren hat in TK Maxx 6 months ago for €10. Let something spill on it and now it's stained. Anybody know where I might pick up another one? Someone online selling them? It's pretty much the same as this but a 5 panel. Should have bought 2...

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I'd say just go into a lot of shops with someone else who's taste you think is good and try find something that way. You need to try glasses on to work out if they suit your face ordering online isn't a great idea. If you're eyesight is shit it helps to have a second person to look at them. Plus if you wear them every day then you're going to be stuck with something for a long time if you don't like it. Think the style coming in is more rounded lenses like the 90's. The rectangular ones like the pic you posted are the safe sort of option assuming you don't go for really thick ones.

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I was just making an observation. I like some of what Supreme do. I don't like other things they do. That could be said of any clothing brand. It's not like I'm signing up to some ideology by getting a t-shirt. Although I would have enjoyed being a Lo-Life in the 80's cos Thirstin Howl III is hilarious. There are reasons that some people are late to the party other than they're trend jumping. There were and still are a lot of countries that you can't buy Supreme. I tend to buy a lot of my clothes on sale so it's understandable I don't have a huge selection.

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Probably got a bit fixated in the term trend? I think it's got to the point that everything is made cheap by the likes of Topman.

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Schools tend to get pissy about clothes with fuck written on them. Pretty predictable. If there was one thing I'd wish Supreme would do is make the branding on their clothes less overt. Many of their pieces are fine but I hate feeling like a billboard, particularly when I'm paying a premium. Particularly with the hats it would be nice if they had less prominent logos on some of them and more subtle labeling like Norse Projects or The Quiet Life.

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Well it isn't that I'd be inclined to jump on every trend. But the cheap brands are rotating through new looks which such increased frequency that it's getting more and more difficult to avoid overlapping with what they're doing. I do genuinely try to swim against the tide as much as I can without being reactionary. Maybe I'm just getting old. blushing

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It's funny how little things have changed in 5 or 6 years. I've been looking around for some more rounded frames with a bit more depth but there's very little selection. The vast majority of places are still carrying the 00's style rectangular ones for the most part. I found one place that had a couple of pairs but they were a bit Will.I.Am.

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Does anybody else find it's starting to get a bit exhausting that cheap brands jump on every trend so quickly? I know it's been going on forever with womens clothes but for menswear I've found the lead time you have with a look before Top Man and River Island flood their shops with really badly executed, poor quality copies is getting shorter and shorter. I really like good streetwear but when everybody is wearing poor quality sweatshirts, hats and patterned stuff it kind of makes me lose enthusiasm for the good stuff. I don't particularly like buying stuff online because I can't try it on first see that the fit suits me. Now it's got to the stage where before the kind of brands that are cool in the US have arrived in Irish retail their looks have been ran into the ground by cheap fashion chains over here.

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