I love flat-rate shipping because I usually place big orders and for $100, it all depends on the volume, but $10-25 is ok. What I hate the must is getting dinged with duty fees on delivery!!! Happens everytime goods are shipped via UPS. This really looks like a thread for Canucks to whine in haha

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[Quote] I'm not necessarily bored with florals, animal prints or any other motif hat as long as the color pairing works. Never been a big fan of the feathers camp for instance, but love the dog and ducks recently release. As I get older, I try to avoid flashy colors pretty much, regardless of design.

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You still have the Loro Piana camp? Shipped to Canada? PM me!

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Nice lot! Free bump

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Still got the camps? International ship?

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Nothing right now. American Horror Story season 2 starts in a week!

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Good prices

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International ship?

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Pretty glad the Cardinals finally lost. But just can't believe Rams were the ones who gave it to 'em.

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[Quote] I concur. His style/flow reminds me a lot of Atmosphere. Maybe it's just me.

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Frankenweenie. Real talk.

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J-Roc was the best. I saw their "Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself" tour last year... so many rednecks in the audience.

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I never liked the first one and every time they come up with a new one, I get dragged to see it. Please make them stop.

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All time = Seinfeld Current = It's Always Sunny / The League

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Was really disappointed with the last Halloween movie he did, but this looks like the good ol' Zombie days (House of 1000 Corpses, Devil's Rejects).

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