gone pls delete

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[URL] [Image] hopefully aisha does the series good

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We've all experience our share of heart ache, HB gang. Post your stories here so we can all catch the feels. My first girlfriend broke up with me while playing "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston, and dated another guy right after she tore my heart. [Image]

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[Image] You already know 10.5, DS H/O:$450 BIN:$500 International add $25 Paypal: You add 4%+10Shipping NEGOTIABLE/ACCEPT TRADES (NOT STUPID ONES) ALSO GOT RED KATE MOSS MEDIUM DS~~

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10.5 $135 Pm

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[Embed content] smokeyface [Image]

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[Image] fs or trade pm me completely deadstock 105 shipped

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Want to trade my green donegal for a purple/blue donegal, or navy safari US only [Image] brand new

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Just made mine, everyone post up your account, I need new music >smh [URL]

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Season 6 i.am.me and request will be the top 2 LETZ GOO

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friend has 20k to spend on, not really into cars though (still wants something sexy), what does hb recommend? edit:he wants a sedan or a coupe, wont buy used if it has over 50k miles

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[URL] [Image] fuck yeah.

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