hey guys i am selling my pretty much brand new Vivitar 285HV, i used this thing once when i bought me some cybersyncs and im not too good at the whole strobist thing so im about to try to sell it. this has only been fired off about 10 times TOP's. i can include a vivitar sync cable for cybersyncs, and pocket wizards. im looking to get about 80$ shipped for this. pm me if your serious and ill send pictures. ASTRO A40 GAMING HEADSET + newest generation MIXAMP i am also selling my astro a40's. these things are awesome but i just never play games anymore so they have just been lying around with no use. they are white, and seriously in perfect condition, i have babied these things always since day 1. the best gaming headset i have ever owned, literally. will include all boxes, and even a 6ft optical cable, everything you will get if you buy them brand new from astro gaming, just wayyy cheaper! this is a40 headset and mixamp. 200$

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is it possible to have manually manage music and put music from 2 computers, i heard you cant with iphone? tongueface

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anyone listen to this guys comedy on this forum?

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anyone on here build their own computers? current builds? discuss?

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if youve bought anything from me or delt with me please drop me some feedback here

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anyone use these? seem like a good equivalent to Pocket Wizard's also way cheaper. discuss?

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hey im looking for APC NC 28-29, and never washed, still pretty new condition! let me know! pm pls!

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anyone one know somebody that is completely ignorant about thinking that one is dominant over the other? my cousin was over the other night playing my xbox and asked if i have played the red faction demo and i said yes but i didnt like it at all, he asked me if i played it on my PS3 and i said yes and he responded by saying "well thats why you didnt like it, you played it on a shitty PS3..." and he was dead serious about the topic lol. anyone else know somebody like this?

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my friend is willing to sell me his olympus e510, i can probably get for around 300 he has 2 extra lenses, a tripod ect...should i try to get his from him? how does this model compare to the nikon d40 and canon XTi?

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anyone here familiar with good quality headphones Ive been thinking about getting some this weekend, im kinda leaning toward the Sony MDR-V700DJ. anyone have any advise on which ones are pretty good quality?

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anyone here listen to hardstyle or any of the q-dance events?

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