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someday you'll be senile trying to explain to your grandkids what supreme hats were and they'll be wishing you'd shut the fuck up too

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[Quote] aside from the creepiness of referring to sex as sweet love, the ultimate celebration of a woman's beauty (lolwut), cassanova didn't get women into bed by being honest rofl. go read a book on picking up women

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isn't that the dude dating a 17 y/o who lives like 5000 miles away? oh teach me, master of human social interaction

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[Quote] ica stones are an admitted hoax, go look that up ;P besides, if you're some super advanced ancient alien human beings who can perform brain transplants and build ufos, what the fuck are you going to be wasting your time carving on stones for ancient aliens or whatever is just the history channel desperate as fuck for ratings btw, most of the people they interview are pseudo scientists talking out their asses

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[Quote] its only gay if you care what people think and let it embarrass you... in which case ya you're a... hurb lol

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step 1: figure out what the fuck you want step 2: figure out what the fuck you have to do to get it

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not really a freak accident... more like negligence... sad though regardless

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can't we just solve our differences with rock paper scissors / thumb war / pokemon battles like gentlemen?

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[Quote] astrology isn't a science pal

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aint no party like dacota's grad party cause dacota's grad party got cake

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i powerwalked for 2 hours bro what you have to say about that

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bad brains... bad religion... misfits... black flag

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lol to the wat

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lol truthonly trollin hard i dont even know who the fuck that kid is but he's ugly as sin and he's dating a chick at his level with two retardedly rich parents... sounds like success to me

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