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ive always wanted to get into doom but i never have. my friends worship him tho

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eminem failed with relapse but i still respect his past work. Never liked jay-z and i dont even kno who gucci is... i dont kno who has the best flow but my two favorite rite now are Blu and Cunninlynguists

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[Quote] lol i have like a whole army of those in my attic, my dad used to buy them from garage sales for no reason

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6th sense - common Brain Cell - cunninlyguist porcelain - tondeff fly - blu

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canon 400D / canon rebel xti

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[Quote] ya ur right i liked it too and if it was any other dead celebrity besides Micheal Jackson no one would care so i say just enjoy it. The chipotle things was too funny

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new favorite show? ive been watching this since it started and its still good. Too bad Olivia Wilde is gone tho she made the whole show better

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hands clenching in an abnormal position. I would say that means seziure

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ya ur right hes being downright unreasonable. u should punch him in the face i mean WTF?!?!?

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I've tried looking around but i couldn't find the information I needed so I decided to post in here. I was wondering how transactions occur on hypebeast, because I'm not too sure how I can purchase something from the marketplace. I'm more used to the solecollector transactions where you make an agreement and when it's done both parties accept feedback based on the transaction. However it seems different here so I'm wondering how it works. Please let me know and thank for the help

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[Quote] hahaha wtf....

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very rarely usually only when i see a shirt i reallly want

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i wore a rah shirt to school the other day and like 5 people came up to me and just yelled RAH out loud

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its sorta true but telling people how to dress is just retarded

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