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Got the all cotton so I'll trade that + some dough or clothes or something if you prefer. If not name your price.

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Hi I bought these shoes off jackthreads but they're too large. I am an 8.5 usually I fit in 42's fine but these are about a full size too big. I only took the left one out of the box to try it on once and that was all I needed. It also comes with a shoe horn and dust bag. These are actually really nice shoes the suede is really soft - the color is sand but it's a bit darker than you normally would think of sand maybe sand that got kind of wet but not mud. I paid $70 for them. Retail is $145 I guess I'm looking for $60 shipped obo I'll take the 4% for paypal out of the price because I would prefer not to use gift on here as I don't know you and you don't know me. It's just safer that way. I'll ship international if you want to pay shipping that is worth half the shoes. They're really nice to you know..look classy...since they have brogue. I already submitted an RMA so you have to buy these fast or I will send them back in like a week. Here's some pictures. [Image] Box again with sizing info If you have anymore questions PM - or if you need more pics. I'm willing to hear out any trades and I'll throw money if your thing is of greater value. This is a pretty good steal I was a steal when I got them on jackthreads now you get to steal them from me. $60 shipped/with no paypal fees / obo Gentlemen you have one week before I RMA this

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Snapback or fitted is fine. Haven't found anything that's tickled my fancy - seeing if you guys have any bright ideas. This is all I've turned up so far - Edit: Don't really want yellow as the dominant color unless it's some serious heat

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