Preferably all black, but am open to all colors.

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See below for updated items.

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EVISU Heritage Jeans Size 38 Soaked once, never washed. Worn 4 times. Perfect "like new" condition with no stains, blemishes, or fading. Purchased from Evisu Hong Kong in late 2006 [B][FONT="Impact"][SIZE="7"]$100 shipped ANYWHERE[/SIZE][/FONT][/B] [Image]

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LRG Plaid jacket with matching tree Tee Shirt [B][U][FONT="Impact"][SIZE="7"]SOLD[/SIZE][/FONT][/U][/B]

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I've lost a good amount of weight this past year and a half and have had my XL-XXL LRG tee's and such laying around for quite some time. I will be adding more to this thread, but this first sale is for a batch of 18 tees. The reason i'm selling them as a batch is purely for a quick sale and I'm making the price VERY affordable and to some it may be quite a steal. All shirts worn 5-10 times with a majority around the 6 range. All shirts washed 3-4 times with a majority in the 3 range machine washed warm and hang dried. These [U]18 items are all T-shirts[/U] and are all [U][B]XXL[/B][/U] [SIZE="7"][B]PAYPAL only[/B] [B][SIZE="7"][FONT="Impact"]BATCH #1 SOLD[/FONT][/SIZE][/B]

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[B]Bape Tee[/B] [B][FONT="Impact"][SIZE="7"]SOLD[/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

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I've read numerous threads and "how to" articles on how to use or order on Rakuten and was pretty sure i got it. The order went through and i got the reply right after, but i couldn't find the paypal or direct transfer option while in the process so i just did a credit card payment. Whether they accept that i don't know, but with the emails they have been sending me it can't be translated. I can't translate it because it's in an English encryption or something. I know they do ship to the US and it's from the store called 2nd. It's a pair of Samurai jeans. if anyone could help me figure out where the paying with paypal option is or can help me order something i'd greatly appreciate it. I'd read numerous pages with screen pics of what to do, but a lot of the screens are different so half the time i have to improvise and try to translate it. I assume they've just changed up the process a bit or the screens. If anyone can help please don't hesitate to let me know. Also, if you guys know where i could get Samurai denim besides from Blue and Green that is in english i would love to know.

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EDIT: I got my answer, my question now is how is the sizing? True to size or do i need to size down?

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How are Stafford tees compared to Hanes beefy tees? In terms of quality and fit? Are Stafford's longer than Hanes?

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Hey i was looking for a pair of Sugar Canes. How do they fit? I'm looking for a more relaxed/little baggy sort of fit but they seem like they have more of a straight fit going on. any where besides self edge and blue green?

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