Sundown SA-8. I don't know how much power you're supplying but this sub is pretty beast. [Embed content] The box is just as important as the sub. If possible, you should make your own box or get one made. Every sub is different and you want to get the perfect amount of airspace within the box. Pre-fabricated boxes aren't going to be perfectly tuned to your specific sub and the build quality is hit or miss. The difference between a good custom box and a pre-fab is night and day. I'm lucky because my brother's friend who goes to car audio competitions made me a custom box and plexiglass mounts for my tweeters. But, you might be able to find a place that'll do it for you or maybe you can hit up someone on

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A lot of my friends who graduated are working odd jobs at the moment and are hoping to land a career. For those who have a career, I never see them that much anymore because they're so busy working. I mean, I still hang out with them every now and then, just not as frequently. Fast forward a little bit, I have an older brother who's in his 30s and he's settled down with two kids, he's pretty much like my parents. Long story short: you become a working person and later on possibly a family man.

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All around, I have to go with 10. But, I also like Tactics, 7, 12, and 8. In that order after 10. 8 is good, Squall is a G halfway through the game. He starts growing into a leader starting from being that quiet, apathetic kid. When he just goes after Edea when Irvine can't take the shot and when he saves Rinoa after the garden gets attacked smokeyface. But, then he turns emo and it goes downhill from there. How they all grew up in the same orphanage was some bullshit. Didn't really like the drawing/junction system either.

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I went to go watch the hangover 2 with some friends and there were these loud ass laughing bitches like 5-6 rows behind us. You could hear them throughout the whole room, they were laughing at everything like even at shit that wasn't even funny. Literally like every 10 seconds. Pretty much ruined the movie for me.

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Good advice, I'm about to graduate and I'm trying to dig myself out of the hole I dug for myself. I have about a year to try to get back to a 3.0 from a sub 2.9. I also recommended working and trying to get internships early (I also messed up here, smh). Your Degree/GPA can't be the only thing you ride on when you start looking for a career. Even if you have a masters, if you've never worked a day in your life that's pretty shady. What you're going to need to distinguish yourself from the pack is experience. To get interviewed for a job you have to look good on paper. Get to know your professors so you can try to get references, work for them in labs, do research, etc. Get an internship your sophomore/junior year. Don't be afraid to apply, there's nothing to lose. The worst case that can happen is you don't get that position but keep trying. [B]Don't waste your summers![/B] Either take classes or work. Classes are usually easier during the summer (easy As/Bs!) and work experience is invaluable. Start early, get some regular jobs at first. Then try to get internships or do research in your field. Then you'll have a strong case for an entry level position when you graduate.

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I usually go to [URL] whenever I need to find a movie to watch. Pretty good organized way of knowing whats available to stream on netflix.

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I play like a couple games a day, I'm not good or anything but if you guys need an extra player or something add me. My ID is filipken

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Def the best char in the game by far. Nerfs will come. I just don't know in what yet. But, the hat reset thing definitely has to go. Here's the finals. These guys are on another level. [URL]

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[Quote] Nice collection. The desert tiger camo one in the 2nd row is the only preme cap I own, one of my favorites hats.

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Ordered a pair of Creative Aurvana Lives for $60. Not bad for a re-branded Denon D1001 (same drivers and almost identical casing). Also ordered some MEElectronics IEMS for portable use. Just the $10 M2s, I usually lose or mess up my earphones since I pretty much use them for when I'm out, on campus, or working out.

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Some quality Kung Lao, Smoke, and Ermac gameplay. [URL] I have a feeling this game is going to blow up soon as far as competitive gameplay a lot of good players from other games are playing it, I know Justin Wong has but he does play like every fighting game. Don't dismiss it as far as technical gameplay, people are still starting to pick up on this game. It hasn't even been out for a week yet. No ones even messed with tag team mode in a competitive setting. I wasn't expecting the game to be [I]this[/I] good. It's not just a game like MK vs. DC where you just play it for entertainment and messing around. Story mode is amazing, lots of extras, online, DLC content I feel will be solid. It's worth buying at full price for what you're getting. Maybe even if you're not a hardcore fighting game player.

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Only certain characters can combo after x-ray if theres a bounce or launch after it. I said combos were pretty strict because I kept dropping some juggles in practice mode. I guess I'm too used to tekken and adding pauses inbetween juggles so they pop up a bit more, gotta get used to the physics. For example, Liu Kang's b+3, 1, 2 -> dash -> f+2, 4 -> flying kick pretty much has to be input immediately because the f+2, 4 wasn't connecting for me everytime. Or trying to connect some Kung Lao combos after his dive kick on a launched opponent. I've kinda been messing with Ermac, super easy to use but the problem with Ermac is all his strings hit high, no lows, mids or anything. I guess you're just supposed to zone with him since you can't really rush down/pressure since he lacks good mix ups. I'll wait until I see more gameplay with him. Kabal however great mixup and his strings are generally safe, I'll probably pick him up along with Smoke. [URL] As far as comparing games SSFIV is hands down the best fighting game of this generation. But, I'd say MK9 is 2nd. T6 was pretty disappointing for me and I'm not really a fan of MvC3.

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I'm kinda starting to get the hang of this game. The timing is pretty strict for combos. I'm maining Kung Lao. Story mode is dope as fuck just going through the whole MK timeline all over again. Haven't messed with tag team, I'll probably go into it once I learn more characters but for now I'ma just focus on learning Kung Lao. Dude juggles like a boss.

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Some people have the game already and theres some competitive gameplay videos coming out. [URL] Kabal looks dope as fuck.

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