@mopreme I'm use to the heat and humidity so that aint really nothing esp. coming out of Houston. But you say avoid the subways?? I mean trust me I aint no small town country bumpking that will be so naive to the big apple that i'll be easily taken advantage my gaurds always up anywhere I go. But I know a friend of mine told me to get from point A to point B that's all they did was take the subway because walking to certain areas on Manhattan alone took longer. I'm prepared for the piss smell that I hear ppl talk about. And I've always heard brothas aint able to catch cabs the easiest so i'm just trying to figure out the quickest way to get around the city since we only have a day. @kawzneffect...lmaoooooo I don't buy them cheap shits in the middle of the mall down here so no thanks to doing it in NYC. I might hit up Chinatown just to peep the vibe @Kickstathehead..well I heard all of Harlem aint bad esp. since alot of whiteys moved in. But I wish I could be in the city around that time cuz I know shit really jump off but I'll be back in D.C. by that time. preciate everbody else suggestion. So basically for shopping SOHO has everything u want. I wanted to scoop up some Mishkanyc that I wouldn't be able to get down here(which is limited) or online but I see they got a store in BK. SO any specific boutiques that sell basically all the brands that are popular on here in Soho. I had no good luck on google except for the stores I already know about like Supreme, The Hundreds,Flight School, New Era flagship store. Also I know it be tons of ppl w/ backpacks on in NYC. Will these stores trip if I walk around w/ my backpack on. Down here in Houston some stores(not all like boutiques)but some stores in the mall or even in the mall in general trip if u walk in w/ a backpack. I don't wanna be walking around w/ tons of bags. But from judging what I've seen on tv it's pretty norm to walk around w/ backpacks(u really have no use for him here since u'll be getting back in a car)but just making sure that places won't trip if I have mine on

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Will be in Manhattan for a day. I need to know some good spots to eat at(really want to avoid tourist traps) and also clothing,shoe stores to shop at. Wondering if the Hundreds or Mishkanyc is located in Manhattan. Also can you all direct me to any area on the island that has good graffiti. I don't know if graffiti is limited in Manhattan where I'll mostly be at. But I know we'll be hitting up Soho,Lower Manhattan and Harlem which I know the further I get away from Times Square, Downtown, Business center I should see graffiti mecca.

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Just in here to help promote my homies..its a group out of Texas..this is 3 of the 5 man group solo albums..artist BSlim,Kyle J da Prince, and Big Low [URL] (BSlim)E2 To Perfection could I get some feedback..negative or positive..aslong as you listen thats all I care about..

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preciate tha feedback..I just wantedd to know some places that will do custom screenprinting.. i'm having a hard tie finding one in Houston..it's like the only way I can get em made is if I buy em in bulk..I aint tryna do that shit..I just want to put quality art on a shirt for me to wear and nobody else to have what I want to wear..it seem like tha only way I can do that is if i'm selling clothes..I know it's had to be somewhere out there that'll do screenprinting that way..no ironprss or nething like that..custom screenprinting for personal use..i aint finna buy screen print material btw..don't have enough money for that right now

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damn tha houston thread fell off..question tho if somebody can answer it nebody know ne good screen printing shops in Houston?? I googled it but didn't get some good finds..a friend of mine told me taxi taxi but i wanna know of more but I hit that up

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I basically want to design a shirt that nobody will have of course..but I want to know if anybody else on here designs there own clothes using screenprint or paint or whatever(no airbrushing)I basically want to place some images on a shirt..but with great quality atleast on the level of some shirts I seen from underground clothing brands in the Kazbah section on Karmaloop.com or hell even name brands like Thehundreds/Mishka/Crooks/Mighty...u know where i'm going..and i'm not trying to make a clothing line just want to do 1 or 2 shirts for my own sake..if anybody has done this before could you post up ya material so I can see the quality..and also how much did it cost you to get the shirts made?? and if nebody know or does paintbrushing on shirts let me know

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this shit is entertaining to me..the fact is Rick Ross started this shit..and Rick Ross DJ Khald aint no positive type cats anyway..they glorify the same things 50 glorify..it's not like 50 dissing positive role models..I'd be disgusted if he dissed Malcolm X legacy or something of that nature..fuck Ross n them..I could give a fuck less about them guys 50>>>>>>>>>>>>Ross/DJ Khaled/Lil Wayne

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man I been on Charles Hamilton for a minute so I know he made the beat..most of tha mixtapes he drops is his beats..but I know he got a few instrumentals from his beats and I was hoping he had one for this song..and I know the song is originally from Sonic..I mean that's obvious to anybody who had a Sega back in the 90s..which is why I think tha beat is hella hot

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I doubt this board would have it but I've been trying to look all over for this instrumental..holla at me if anybody got it

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I aint never seen a fat ***** dance so quick untill I heard Ross skirting around that C.O. question..lmaoooooo...

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imma be in Houston next week for like 3 days..I was wondering if any store sell MishkaNYC in tha H...I knew tha times I've been to PG I didn't see they had any

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dude kinda knocking..coming outta Texas..his mixtape labeled Baby Heffner mixtape vol.1 his name is Baby-Slim..here's the single Baby Slim ft. K-Riggs-Put it in the Air [URL]

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damn Mighty Healthy don't carry xxl shirts..that NYC shirt is disgusting...I gotta cop dat

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lmaooooooooo..n waynes a dumb ass..dude raps w/ that gibberish bullshit too

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