VNDS and DS willing to ship NY/NJ area selling for cheap

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cheap NY NJ meet ups available size 10.5 mighty dunks 10 entourage

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size 100 fits 36-40 NJ NY area meet ups available 325-350

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for sale size 100 fits 36-40 selling for 325-350 fresh. Meet ups available NY NJ area

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does anyone have the number for flight club on broadway? and is it true that they pay you on the spot for sneakers

Started by Flight Club, 2 Weeks ago in Footwear

anyone get this camera heard its supposed to be pretty good for the price. wanted to know

Started by Kodak Z915, 2 Weeks ago in Arts

sunday i was watching mtv jams some video came on dude is from chicago. twista was in the video. and it was like a radio station at the end? anyone know the song =/

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ok hmm where to begin. i got a t.v 1080i sylvania plasma.(its real good lol) anyway i noticed that when i watch movies on my ps3 my widescreen movies dont have the black bars on the top and bottem. so they dont look that good. i tried to mess with all the configurations and nothin, so now i started using some old sony dvd player i had and all the movies got the black bars so it looks better. so the question. should i get them dvd players that have hdmi up conversion or something so that my movies can look better? (sorry for the long ass post)

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so i wanted to ask you guys what HDMI cables are you using. cause i know you have to buy one separate so what are you guys on now

Started by Bout to go get a ps3 in 10 minutes, 2 Weeks ago in Gaming

and since i havnt been to the dentist in like 5 years i might have to get a root canal. do they hurt? cause i heard they hurt more then getting duked up the butt

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anyone got a pic of whats coming out tomorrow im ready to shop lol

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someone give me anotehr addiction another hobby lol. to much money wasted maybe i should be doing something more productive.

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anyone know where i can find them? i think i only seen the patents but any of the two is fine.

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[URL] are these anywhere online interested in getting them

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some kid had em and i fell in love with them lol i dunno if they were custom'd they air max 90's but all white and i think the nike logo is green. but they're like a poka dot design but more like splashed pain on em. with pink and blue and and some green. he had a shirt that went perfect with them(and yes i like matching!) lol

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