totally gay. Whats the point of having the comments if you are just going to delete them?

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[I]"Pinrolling" means rolling up your jeans for the purpose of not getting your kicks stained by the denim or if you're a fixed gear rider, then its to avoid the oil on the chain ring. However, pinrolling has slowly became a style on its own perpetuated by [URL].[/I]

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Yes or no?

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[CENTER][LEFT] If you sleep, your already dead (inside) [/LEFT] [Image] [U][B]All Production By Madlib [/B][/U][LEFT][B][I]Diamond D Aesop Rock Karriem Riggins Prince Po [/I][/B][/LEFT] [/CENTER] [URL]

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are you regrouping fish? haha *inside joke*

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me neither. [U][URL]

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Props for making A.L.I.E.N's blog [URL]

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I thought this was a good read. If you want a good education and possibly have it paid off... [URL]

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[URL] 1-4

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If you wanna start beef about What Did You Wear Today post? Post it here. Don't clog up your beef on the normal thread.

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[URL] scroll down to the bottom with paris hilton on it. I Think I have a problem, because I enjoyed in other ways also... I don't know if this is old news (don't care also)

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Instead of promoting negativity (which we have plenty enough of on HB) Lets promote Positivity....

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You know what you should do hel? Go to supreme and get into it with some (if not all) of their employees. Put them in their place, [I]and come back here and tell us about it![/I] Tell me your up for it.

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