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Well I would say, that many of the earlier philosophies included a higher power of some kind, including religions. Modern and post modern philosophy were led to a different type of system based on existentialism and structuralism which were atheistic.However, regarding those as having any bearing on the question at hand wouldn't help at all. I never said religion is every kind of philosophy, merely a subset of moral philosophy.

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Platos belived in a god that he factored into his system of morality and philosopy in The Republic and Protagoras, yet you'd be hard pressed to find any one who calls Plato a theologist.

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[Quote] I would have to say that religion is a moral philosophy, how you prove it or disprove it is based on that facts you use. Religion is a type of philosophy though.

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well I'll throw in my ten cents on this... I'm a Hindu and obviously I don't take things that I read to be literal in the vedas or any other Hindu scripture because, in my opinion, to literally interpret religious texts is to come upon many significant problems within it. If you take the stories and texts to be metephorical or stories that teach morality then I think one can benfeit from them greatly. I think all religions have problems in them but to deny them flat out because of some minor errors is ignorant. Yes, even the bible has inaccuracies, so do the vedas, and does the torah, but if you look objectively at the lessons in them and what they can teach you about your own humanity then I think you've probably interpreted your religion correctly. So to the kid asking about which religion to choose, read what you can about each and decide which one best describes the way you view, or want to view, your life and your existence. But that's my opinion.

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Here's my giant bowery [Image] Pretty standard just ordered a new seat and some drop handlebars. Just to respond to people who rag on fixed gear bikes.. I started riding fixed gear because my roommate was a huge bike enthusiast and had been building them(fixed gears) for several years. He showed me how to put them together and maintain them and quite honestly I enjoy it. There is very few parts to maintain and none of the parts, unless you buy fashionable accessories, are that expensive. I am no where near mechanically inclined so I have little to no idea how gears and and shifters work. These bikes are easy for me to understand and maintain all by myself which is a huge plus being a poor college student. I agree that it has become quite trendy to ride them and alot of kids seem to lack any knowledge as to how their bike is put together, but there are those out there who ride it because they like it, not because of the trend. Anyways....

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haha, Karmaloop has messed up my order so bad, I don't know if I'll ever order from them again. I ordered on Dec. 5 and the item still hasn't left Ohio. Sadly this was my girlfriend's Christmas present so now it won't get there. DHL said they need Karmaloop to call because their shipping label fell off, and Karmaloop said they would contact me once they did. That was three days ago. Needless to say that this has been a much unwarranted headache over a Christmas gift. Talk about horrible customer service.

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I know everyone here knows about this brand but just giving a head up about the new line dropping and that it's available on their web store. Check:[URL] Also Check Stockists to pick up locally! Support these guys they are on the come up!

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Well if you want to invest in mutual funds go with a well respected company like TD Ameritrade or Fidelity investments.

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Invest in mutual funds. There are two type of mutual funds, conservatice and liberal. Conservative mutual funds have a better chance in the market because of less variation in the amount they flucuate. For example, if you invest money in a conservative fund you get 5% return at the end of the year. However, due to inflation being 3% you really only get 2%. You could also invest in more liberal mutual fund, such as an international small cap fund, which fluctuates much more, sometime 3% a day. Of course, they also can diminish rapidly as they are more in tune with the market flucuations. Of course if you are younger, which you probably are, you should invest in liberal funds because you can keep the money in the fund longer and make returns in the small run. That's my advice.

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Indeed, the Mathieson looks soo nice. I can't wait for these to come out.[Image] smokeyface

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[Quote] top notch man, way better than your last fit! props.

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You should let go of the Yu-Gi-Oh idea unless you want to end up like this guy. [Image]

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