[b]Dark Geometry Tee[/b] Full back discharge print (no texture to the ink) Available [URL] [Image]

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[URL] You can follow along here. instagram.com/saurier.co I'll post updates here as well. 12/6/2015 - Sticker giveaway, watch the instagram for details. Knife tee also available on webstore.  [Image] 12/21/

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David Beckhams nuts. Just shoved right in my face. Again and again. Non-stop. Just fucking great. I can't get enough of that bloody plonkers twig and berries. Right barkers, innit? Specially when I'm browsing on an iphone and my fat bloody sausage fingers end up fumbling for the ever elusive X button in the right hand corner, really challenging my dexterity with some complicated resize and scroll maneuvers that inevitably result in the goddamn ad being recentered and this fucking suave pikey Brits junk bursting out of the damn screen and it's all I can do from clearing out my bank account on some goddamn 35 dollar boxers.

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It's been more than 2 years since Saurier has put anything out, but I'm planning on releasing a full line of stuff in the next few days. There will be tees, crews, pullover hoodies, zipups, snapbacks, beanies, and 3D printed artifacts. Here are a few images to give you a taste of what's to come. Everything should be for sale online by Wednesday at 11:59 PM CST at  [URL] [Embed content] [Image]

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Prices include shipping (outside of U.S. + $5), and are firm. [B][U]LV Beanie[/U][/B] Never worn, pictures show condition. [B]Price[/B] - 60 [Image]

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Am I the only person that uses this?! Except, it's not really working, because everyone either quotes or responds to the person I have on ignore, and then I'm forced to read their whiny/trolling/stupid shit. If someone consistently posts inane bullshit, and it makes your grin slowly twist into a sour face, PUT THEIR ASS ON IGNORE. JESUS APEFUCK CHRIST.

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Just don't do it. Please. When you wanna post something, take a deep breath, count to ten, and then don't post it. You'll thank me later. EDIT: Also, don't make any new threads.

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Is it supposed to show only one post? Because mine only shows one post at a time.

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So here's the deal. I have a ticket for 249 dollars. I've paid half of it, which is 126 dollars, and opted to do 8 hours of community service for the other half. However, i was only able to complete 4 hours, because I was out of state for the other 4 hours I had scheduled, and they won't let you do more than 4 hours at a time for some reason. I tried to reschedule my hours, but all of their fucking slots are taken. So i called the courthouse today to see if they would credit any of my hours, and let me pay the remaining fee, but apparently, unless you do the full 8 hours, it doesn't mean shit. So not only did I do 4 hours of vacuuming the fucking dirtiest run down womans shelter in wisconsin for free, i don't even have enough fucking money to pay the rest of my ticket. I had enough in change for 1 half, but i don't have enough for the other half. Well actually I do, but it's in Euros and THERE ISN'T A MOTHERFUCKING BANK OR ANYTHING THAT EXCHANGES CURRENCY WITHIN 50 FUCKING MILES. I LIVE IN THE MOTHERFUCKING CAPITAL CITY, AND YOU CAN'T EVEN FUCKING EXCHANGENSI;OFERJSGIOSDRSD;OIGDFSIGSIGHDFSG SFUCK YOU, YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT TOWN GOD FUCK YOU, I HOPE IT ALL BURNS TO THE GROUND FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK THIS MOTHERFUCKING CITY, FUCK THE COURTHOUSE, FUCK COPS, FUCK JUDGES, FUCK THAT STUPID CLERK WHO WON'T CREDIT MY HOURS AND THINKS THAT I DON'T CATCH HER FUCKING FORCED SARCASTIC NASAL PITY OVER THE PHONE. YOU'RE WORTHLESS.

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[URL] My fastest is 704, which is almost 12 beats a second EDIT: 730

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Seriously, I haven't met one human who enjoys those things. They look like paving tar, and taste like I imagine said tar would taste. I don't want to have to look at every individual Belly before tasting it, nor do I want that foul taste in my mouth for a nanosecond. Not to mention the subsequent embarrassment of involuntarily making a face like there are ants crawling up my rectum, coupled with a gag reflex, and the spitting up of the black menace Belly no matter what social setting I may be in. I could be in the slums of Bombay, or rubbing elbows with English Earls, it doesn't matter. That damn'ed confection is coming out whether I (or the horrified Earl-wives) like it or not. I hate having to wash the mixture of bile and black food-coloring out of my cummerbund in the aftermath of shame, but not as much as I hate the taste of fucking black licorice. Same goes for you Buttered Popcorn. The rest of your Jelly Bellied brethren I find positively delightful, but if you insist on fraternizing with them in the same packaging, well... then this relationship might not work and we may have to go our seperate ways. Tropical Skittles are awfully tasty, but they don't even slightly compare to the adventure of a fresh bag of Jelly Bellies. Never knowing what's around the corner is exhilirating in only the way that simulated fruits and other tasty treats can be. But if I wanted the effects of Ipecac, I would surely get some from the drug-store, and not trouble you lot.

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a lot of unlucky things have been happening to me lately. here's what happened in succession 1. My prized noise-cancelling giant booming headphones now do not work. These were perfect for drowning out my roommates 15 song rotation that he's been playing the entire year, which is mostly t-pain. 2. My ipod was stolen. I'm sure you all know this by now, but if not, the rage that burns in my heart for the motherfucker who stole it is so hot that it emits isotopes, and can only be put out by cold revenge. 3. My what.cd account, the account that I worked so hard to obtain, was disabled, because for some reason, i suddenly was unable to seed. I needed 32.33 MB uploaded, and I was unable to fix the situation in 5 days. 4. My itunes has some sort of crazy glitch where it keeps skipping on songs, like when you're on a road trip in the minivan with your discman from 97 and you keep going over bumps. what did i do to deserve this?

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do any of you know anything about torrents? I need to keep a ratio, and since vuze won't fucking seed for some reason, I'm about to lose my account. How do i get this motherfucker to seed.

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I will find him and kill him. I will not rest until his entrails are sizzling on the highway. Until his blood and guts congeal and he is picked apart by the crows. Damn that motherfucker to hell, and to eternal torture. May rabid dogs tear his abdomen to bloody shreds of cartilage and fat until the pain causes a stroke of the brain, rendering the last moments of paint into his pain to experience for the last few busts of electricity in his brain, seeming like an eternity. Fuck him. Fuck his family, and his ancestors, and whatever sick god's plan it was to get my motherfucking ipod stolen. I will rend the earth in two until i find it. Mothers and children will be chopped and dragged across hot coals to find this thieving bastard. May ants pick apart his skull, and have his skeleton be digested by maggots. Let him be forever stuck in the revolving door of pain and misery until his legs become ground down to bloody stumps, and you collapse from exhaustion, being torn apart by the doors. Fuck every atom that makes up your body, and fuck the electrons that jumped around in your brain that (combined with alcohol) made it seem like a good idea TO STEAL MY MOTHERFUCKING IPOD. I WILL NOT REST UNTIL YOU ARE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. I will end your life with an icy dropkick down an endless stairwell. I will curbstomp you in the the pavement until your head is a bloody streak of gristle and fat. I will get revenge.

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