What are catchphrases used in the forums over the past years? List em all Off the top of my tongue i recall "two of em"

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Heading over to vegas over the summer, what are things that you definitely would recommend to a first timer? Some of the things I have in mind already include: -Bungee jumping off the stratosphere -Visit Hoover dam -New York New York roller coaster -Hakkasan -Marquee -Encore beach club -Exotic car racing -Bellagio water show -Casino That's all I got for now. Any other good stuff?

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When's the last time any of you guys gotten really sick? I've gotten a viral infection this past weekend and had a fever above 102 F and severe headaches even after meds for the past couple days. On top of that I've been coughing out rusty-colored phlegm and some blood in my snot when I blow my nose. Slowly getting better though. Can't remember the last time I've been this sick. Felt like I was gonna die or some shit, on the first day I felt really heavy at one point and felt like I was out of my body.

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Was a pre-med student but figured becoming a doctor would be too overwhelming. I wouldn't wanna have to deal with copious amount of paperwork and lawsuits if any. On top of that, the salaries are plummeting from the affordable care act so I recently changed my major into engineering since many of my credits transfer over. I'm not too sure exactly what type of engineer I want to become so I'm just working on finishing up my pre-engineering courses. Any suggestions? Anyone else in here going into engineering? If so, what specialty and why?

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What are the DO's and DON'Ts of friends with benefits? How do you guys manage girls with benefits? I was talking to a girl and told her that I had no intentions of getting into anything serious but we still ended up doings things that friends with benefits do. Then we nearly did it in my car the other night but she was on her period and then the next day she started calling me baby and I was confusedĀ ?). Is this normal when you have friends with benefits? I'm not tryna be a dick to this girl or anything cuz she's actually a pretty chill good girl, but i just have no plans settling down. I'm too young and there's too much fun things to experience out there.

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Has anyone heard of this Vemma company? If so share your thoughts. I have friends trying to get me into it but I'm not buying into it. According to my research you buy their product? then you try to promote the product then recruit others under you to do promotion and the site "claims" you can make up to thousands of dollars a month depending on how much people you recruit and how much your recruits recruit and so on. It seems as if when you recruit people under you, they have to buy the product which is like 150, and depending how much you recruit it offsets your payment that you made for the product. Any thoughts/experience with this marketing scheme?

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I'm already in my 3rd year of college and registration started recently and it made me stumble. It made me think, is what I'm gonna be pursuing gonna make me satisfied in the long run? Lately I've been having a hard time deciding whether or not I still want to pursue a doctorate type program due to the extensive amount of school required and fear of being in debt due to attending med school. Sure I'm doing it just for the money, but I don't know if I'll be satisfied with what I'll be doing. I'm registered for O Chem w/ lab, Calculus, and Into to Bio 2 w/ lab and I might end up wasting time getting these credits if I decide to not go into medical. What career fields are you guys going into? And what's your motivation? Why did you choose that field aside from money? How did you gain interest in that field? From work, experience?

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remember the thread with the hair cut that is ivy league? type. the one where its short on the side and maybe an inch 1/2 on top and its like a side combover kind of look? I can't find it. I've been cutting my hair and i need a reference. It had a pic of a white guy with it from 2 views. I think drew attempted the haircut along with some other asian dude. It's that gentlemen kinda look. anyone? links appreciated

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This semester has been killing me, I'm taking Bio w/ lab, Chem w/ lab, Trig, and ICS and I work two jobs. My GPA has been going downhill man it's killing me smh I don't even go out on the weekends anymore. All I do is study and that time alone isn't even enough time to study for all my classes evenly. Any of you guys in the same situation? Experiences? I should've dropped a class while I had the chance but I wanna get school over with already. I know getting it over with quickly and having mediocre grades will affect my chances of getting into med school, but damn, I don't wanna be stuck in school forever.

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Aside from benefits, what do you guys do if she asks "What is going on between us?" I'm not saying on the guy's part you're saying you're saying words such as you like her to get the action, then of course she'll think you like her relationship wise. But if you're just chillin, then all of a sudden you get some action, and as time goes on, and she asks something along the lines between the question above, how do you guys respond to that and keep at it with FWB? In other words, how do you guys establish FWB without it going any further, if possible without having a talk about being FWB.

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I've been lurking the "Official show us your whip" thread and saw all the dope cars you guys and i was wondering, what the hell kind of jobs you guys working? I'm a full time student only working 22 hrs a week w/ no whip. No help from parents for anything financially, even school.

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How do you guys find it attractive? I think it makes them look trashy. ex:[Embed content] i found her attractive 0:00-0:05, then the tats ruined it smh I mean, c'mon, the tats ruined the cleavage.

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What was the website with the college textbooks online? i think they were in pdf form. i remember seeing it couple months ago and tried using the search engine but couldn't find it. Anyone remember the name of the website?

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